Wednesday, May 6, 2009

More Goodies for You

Happy Wednesday!  Of course this mama has had herself one busy day so far.   It is the usual craziness that makes my life complete :) I went to the gym this morning – the rain is really cramping my style this week. I did 30 minutes on the Stair Climber, 20 minutes on the Elliptical and then a bunch of free weights. At least hitting the gym gives me the opportunity to get my weights in.  I usually skip the weights when I run outside even though I have a bunch of dumbbells at home. 

Breakfast was fast and furious so that my sidekick and I could boogie back to the gym for our babysitting shift today. 

I made a yummy bowl of Cinnamon Pumpkin oats today.

DSC01152 DSC01155


There was lots of creaminess in this bowl.  The massive dollop of Greek yogurt and raw almond butter topping really mingled well with all the cinnamon and pumpkin. 


DSC01153 DSC01154


After babysitting D and I had to run to Stop & Shop.  I munched on this delicious Larabar on the way over. 



When we got home I had a few things to do before getting my lunch ready. D ate a fresh wheat bun that I bought him at the store as soon as he walked in the door – my boy was hungry today.

Lunch was a salad – lettuce, broccoli, red pepper, hummus and cottage cheese. I had 2 Rice Cakes which always get covered in the salad contents.  In case you are wondering I buy brown rice cakes that have just a tad bit of salt on them. 



I ended with an apple and a little dab of PB.



I am currently blogging from my sis’s house. She called as soon as we got in the door from the grocery store and asked if we would like to come over. D is so thrilled – he is hanging with his best buddy right now. 

So I have some GOODIES for you guys.  U.S. Millls is offering to send 2 readers their choice of 3 boxes of the Erewhon line of cereal, a $1 coupon and a handy coupon keeper.



Here is a list of the cereals:

* Erewhon Crispy Brown Rice available in 5 varieties: Original; Gluten
Free; No Salt Added; Cocoa; or with Mixed Berries
* Erewhon Corn Flakes
* Erewhon Rice Twice
* Erewhon Raisin Bran
* Erewhon Aztec Crunchy Corn & Amaranth
* Erewhon Kamut Flakes
* Erewhon Strawberry Crisp
* Erewhon Organic Instant Oatmeal available in 4 varieties: with Added
Oat Bran; Maple Spice; Apple Cinnamon; or Cinnamon Raisin & Flax

You can check out their website for full product details. 
The contest is simple.  Leave a comment on this post telling me what 3 Erewhon cereals you would like to try.  I will leave the contest open until Friday morning. This is the cereal that I used to make my Crispy Peanut Butter Balls which is the recipe that was published on their site.  Go get your comments on – especially if you are a cereal eater.  They have so many options that all look tasty.  
Enjoy the rest of your day. 
* The Erewhon Cereal giveaway is now closed.  Thanks to all who participated. 


Anonymous said...

Hooray for cereal! Of the choices, the top 3 I would like to try are:

1. Cocoa Crispy brown rice
2. Raisin Bran
3. Strawberry crisp

Thanks :)

polly said...

hi lovie!

I want to try the cornflakes, strawberry crisp and cocoat crispy (Abbi will love that!)

So fun to hear about your day, many hugs sweet sammie. xoxo

Maddy said...

Erewhon Corn Flakes
Erewhon Aztec Crunchy Corn & Amaranth
Erewhon Crispy Brown Rice with berries

fun giveaway =)

Erica said...

Hey girlie! Loving that breakfast with all that yummy pumpkin. Have fun at your sisters. GREAT giveaway. I would wnat to try the Erewhon Strawberry Crisp, Erewhon Crispy Brown Rice in cocoa, and instant oatmeal in maple Spice!

janetha said...

that pumpkin oatmeal looks divine, i love anything pumpkin! and i am sure the greek yogurt made it ultra creamy. what exact amounts did you use for it and what method did you use to make them? i am always trying to get the best consistency method for my oats, still trying..

i would love to enter your cereal giveaway! the three i am interested in are: 1. kamut flakes 2. corn flakes and 3. strawberry crisp.

have a great day!

FoodsThatFit said...

I'd love to try the mixed berry, pumpkin oatmeal and strawberry crisp. Actually, they all look fantastic, so any of them would be awesome!!!

Chelsea said...

Strawberry Crisp, any of the oatmeals, and the Cocoa Crispy brpwn rice sound delicious! Thanks for the giveaway!

A said...

Love your blog--I would love to try the Crispy Rice Gluten Free, Crispy Rice No Salt and the Kamut. This is such a great giveaway--especially for those of us with food allergies, totally appreciate it!

K from ksgoodeats said...

I really need to try one of your infamous salads one of these days since I love everything you put in it!

Oh fun giveaway! I'd love to try the strawberry crisp, raisin bran, and kamut puffs :)

L. Elizabeth said...

Yum Yum Yum! Crispy Brown Rice with Berries! But let's be honest, they all look fabulous!


Anonymous said...

ooh how fun!

1- crispy brown rice cocoa
2- erewhon aztec crunchy corn & amaranth
3 - strawberry crisp

Anne said...

Cool! I'd love to try the Aztec Crunchy Corn & Amaranth, Crispy Brown Rice with Mixed Berries, and the Strawberry Crisp!

VCK said...

1. Raisin Bran
2. Aztec crunchy corn & amaranth
3. Kamut puffs


joyof3boys said...

Recently found your blog. Being a runner mom (3 boys, 8, 6, 4) I enjoy reading it. We love the Erewhon cereals. I think our favorites are all of the rice cereals, corn flakes and oatmeal. I haven't seen the strawberry crisp around here but it sounds good too. Will have to keep my eyes open for it.

Nicole said...

Hey! yayy new cereal (:
I would love to try:

1. Crispy Brown Rice - No Salt Added
2. Crispy Brown Rice with Mixed Berries
3. Raisin bran

Thanks (: !!

DrMom said...

Hi Sammie- I'm not entering this contest - just wanted to thank you for my pb! Be on the look out for a small package from deep south TX. Just a small thank you package. Meals look great as always!

Sammie said...

Yay!! I am glad that you got your goods. You really did not have to send me anything but it is very sweet of you to do so. I hope you enjoy the PB, please let me know what you think.

DrMom said...

Sammie- Tonight, for supper (after a busy day at school - I hate the flu!) I had a huge bowl of cooked thick cut oats, pumpkin, greek yogurt, ground flax, wheatgerm, cranberry sauce and 2 big spoons of The Bee's Knees! Definitely the high point of my day. I also had a plain spoon-full for dessert. Yum! Thanks again!

Jess S. said...

Great giveaway! And I love your blog by the way. I'd love to try:
1) Corn and Amaranth
2) Crispy brown rice
3) Kamut puffs

brookesballbuster said...

The rain in the northeast is such a bummer! I'm so over it! Love the giveaway...I would like to try Cocoa crispy brown rice, aztec crunchy corn & amaranth, and strawberry crisp. Thanks!!

Anonymous said...

1. Cocoa Crispy brown rice
2. Raisin Bran
3. Strawberry crisp

thank you for the wonderful giveaway!

june said...

i would love to try those awesome cereal. Im realy interested in brown rice version

Anonymous said...

I would love to try straberry crisp, cocoa crispy, and cornflakes!

Anonymous said...

Erewhon Corn Flakes
Erewhon Aztec Crunchy Corn & Amaranth
Erewhon Crispy Brown Rice with berries

thank you so much for the giveaway!

HL said...
I would like to try raisin bran, strawberry crispy, and brown rice crispy.

Tanya said...

Ooh - great contest. I would love to try the Strawberry crisp (love berries in my cereal), Crunchy Corn & Amaranth (sounds cool) & Raisin Bran.

Melissa @ For the Love of Health said...

What a great contest!

I would love to try:

1. Strawberry Crisp
2. Crispy Brown Rice with Berries
3. Raisin Bran


Sarah said...

Raisin Bran
Aztec Crunchy Corn & Amaranth
Crispy Brown Rice with berries

I love pumpkin oats!

Anonymous said...

I can never find crunchy corn and amaranth!!!! plus I would like brown rice krispies and kamut puffs!-monica

brooks said...

I would love to try: cocoa crispy brown rice; kamut flakes; and rice twice!
Great contest!

Lacey Nicole said...

yay! i haven't tried any of these.

1.Aztec Crunchy Corn & Amaranth
2.Kamut Flakes
3.Crispy Brown rice with berries


Annie said...

Oooh I love addiction actually. Id love to try the strawberry crisp and the cocoa crisp!!

ttfn300 said...

how fun! i'd probably say the kamut flakes, aztec blend, and raisin bran :)

Anonymous said...

I love cereal! I'd want to try..

Cocoa Crispy Brown Rice ... you can't really go wrong with something chocolate-y!
Crispy Brown Rice with Mixed Berries
Strawberry Crisp

Anonymous said...

Kamut Flakes, Strawberry Crisp and Raising Bran!

Divya Vikram said...

Cocoa crispy brown rice
strawberry crisp
Great giveaway!!

Tien-Tien said...

Any of the crispy rice, the corn and amaranth, or the kamut puffs sound delicious. Actually, all of them do!