Tuesday, May 19, 2009

I run, I walk

This morning I was up early to enjoy some “me” time with mother nature.  I felt like a run (when do I not) but I did not want to ever do it – my left butt cheek (there really is not any other way to describe it) feels a little sore like I banged it.  I am trying to remember if I hit it with the vacuum on Friday – I tend to clean like a mad woman and end up bumped and bruised after the fact.  It was not bugging me on Saturday but then I ran 9 miles (did not feel sore during the run), and ended up feeling achy later in the day.  It feels much better today having walked on Sunday and not running Monday.  So today I just did 5 miles – felt great and I still got that feel good rush.  It was still early when I made the loop back to my house so I decided to walk a for a bit through a very quant cul-de-sac up the road from my neighborhood. I ended up walking an additional 3.3 miles and I was still back before my guys got out of bed – sleepy heads. 

This mornings breakfast is nothing unusual. I really can’t venture away from my protein packed bowl of warm creamy goodness. 



The oatmeal mix is the same combo that I have every morning but I did do double duty on the toppings.  I was in the mood for Sunbutter and Cocoanut Butter so I had a little of both. 



It looks like we are going to have a lovely sunny day here in MA. I think we will start our day with the Story Hour at the book store.  Hopefully this afternoon it will be warm and we can get some fresh air.

In other news, we have decided to start D on a Gluten Free diet.  He went all day yesterday and most of the day Sunday (he had wheat at breakfast) without wheat/gluten and he did not complain of a tummy ache.  It is just a test because it is so prevalent in my family to have a gluten intolerance. My grandfather, my grandmother, a few of my cousins, my sis and my nephew all suffer from some GI issue.  His belly aches have been happening much to often the past month and I just really want him to be a happy and healthy kiddo.  He is being such a good sport about his new diet. I took him to Whole Foods yesterday so he could pick out some snacks and foods to try out. I have a bunch of stuff for myself but I did not have kid friendly snacks like pretzels and corn puffs – which he ended up choosing for his snacks.  I highly doubt that I will get him to eat a Larabar so we got some Enjoy Life Chocolate Chip Cookies.  He has been eating GF cereal instead of his usual waffle but I bought a boxed GF waffle mix to try.  I will keep you posted on how things work out. I think we will stay GF for a few weeks and then add a little in and see how he does.  I know what it feels like to have a belly ache ALL the time when I was eating gluten – I don’t want him to have to live like that. 

Time to get the day started. I hope you have a great one.


Erica said...

Hope the bum feels better! Good job on the run and walk! What a nice morning. I love how you get your workout in before the boys wake up. I hope to do something similar when we have a kiddo. Let us know how D does with the new diet

Melissa @ For the Love of Health said...

awesome run stats!! Too bad about the bum! Did you do any squats or lunges? I guess you would remember doing those haha My buttocks always hurts after those.
I clean like a mad woman too.

Amazing looking breakfast!!

polly said...

Take care of that hiney. Charlie needs to have a non-sore bun to pinch. ;) hehe Sorry, just made me giggle. I used to suffer from that! Sounds like periformis, but who knows. Running less is so great sweetie. Be careful and hugs from me to you. XOXO

I just talked to Abbi's doc today about gluten! She is healthy kiddo, but still so tiny. She is growing, however. I am tempted to stop gluten for a nice while. Not sure yet. I might start with momma. We are so similar in our bellies. I got some gluten free oats today. umm... kinda not tasty, but not bad either! With some beautiful organic blueberries stirred in... yummy!

Happy Tuesday, friend! XOXO