Wednesday, May 20, 2009

I got Mail

I was so excited this afternoon when I got home from visiting my nana – I got mail. You all know how depressing the mail can be – especially when everything you get is either junk or bills. Well I didn’t just get mail, I got packages. 

Inside the first package was Navitas Naturals goodies.  Thank you, thank you for the lovely assortment. I could not resist tasting my loot ASAP.



It was, in fact, time for an afternoon snack.  I mixed plain Greek yogurt, NP Corn Puffs, NN  Goji Berries, NN Golden Berries and NN Sweet Raw Cocoa Nibs.  Oh baby – the nibs are way toooooo good. I am going to have to ration these things out. The golden berries remind me of wine – they are tart and sweet.  I definitely could not eat too many at one time.  The goji berries are sweet and chewy – also very delicious. I am going to try and top my oats with the new goods.



Dinner was a sweet potato, an apple drizzled with Sunbutter, an Organic Chicken sausage and peas. 



What is that plate you ask? My new funky monkey plate from the sweetest lady that I know.  Thank you Polly – dinner was much more fun having this guy at the dinner table. She even sent D some mess free paint – she loves me :)



Dessert was a bit of my “messiness” – nothing like I used to create but still darn tasty.  My concoction: plain Greek yogurt + NP Corn Puffs + a few chopped dates + a dap of TJ’s Blackberry Preserves + Sunbutter = heaven in a bowl. 



I am ready for the heat tomorrow. I am not sure what we are doing but I definitely want to enjoy the amazing weather.

I hope you had a great day.  See you tomorrow.


Brooke said...

Getting packages brings you right back to being a kid-like riding a bike. Fun stuff. What is sunbutter?

Sammie said...

It is sunflower seed butter. Similar to a nut butter just made out of sunflower seeds.

K from ksgoodeats said...

What an awesome package!! Hope you enjoy all of that! I love the plates - too cute!