Wednesday, May 27, 2009

He Screamed, I Cried

Well the appointment was OK.  The Dr. ordered blood work since I have already done the things that he would have suggested – restricting D’s diet.  Let me tell you, that was HELL!  D screamed and I cried.  It was torture.  We now have to wait for the test results and then make an appointment to see a gastroenterologist. 

During his struggles at the lab D was promised some Legos when he was done - bribery was not working this time – he still wailed the entire time.  We were not that far from the Lego store at the Natick Mall so we headed there to get him his loot.  

It was late when we left so we just stopped at Whole Foods for some grub. I grabbed a salad, cottage cheese and a fruit cup.  My camera was at home – trust me it wasn’t anything special.  I was not in a foodie mood – my mind is wandering all over the place as to what is bothering my baby’s tummy. 

I am off to build some Legos – Star Wars Legos at that.


Daddy is handling the BIG guy -  there is over 1000 pieces in this thing.  I will show you pictures of the finished product tomorrow.



I hope you have a good evening. 


brookesballbuster said...

Ohhh poor baby! I'm sorry you had to sit through that:( I hope you find out whats wrong soon!!

polly said...

oh Sammie when they get shots/needles and scream... I can't take it either! It must be a momma's instinct to protect our babies! I actually HURTS me when Abbi hurts. I pray that they can find a reason for D's belly. You are so sweet with the little guy and his legos. Yay for Daddy handling all those pieces! Love you and praying, too sweetie. XOXO

Sarah (LovIN My Tummy) said...

I really hope you get some answers that make all that pain (for both of you) worth it!

Yay for daddies!

Erica said...

ughhh no fun at all! Hope the legos helped

Charlie said...

What's funny is while he was howling I didn't even think he heard me try to bribe him with the Legos. Well the bribe may not have worked, but he heard it and remembered!

Anonymous said...

Poor little guy! I hope he feels better soon and that the doc can figure out what is bothering him.