Friday, May 29, 2009

Happy Belly

Tonight is the first night in a while that we put our little guy into bed with a happy belly. He ate lots of healthy gluten, dairy and egg free foods today. One of the things I got him to eat was a JamFrakas bar.  I packed a Larabar for myself to eat after I was finished cleaning and he had the JamFrakas.  I am not sure that he really cared for it but I made him eat the whole thing – I know what a meany. 

We stopped at TJ’s on the way home so I didn’t want him to be a starvin marvin while we were at the store.  The amount of groceries that I can actually purchase there is slowly dwindling.  I bought my Greek yogurt & Charlie’s yogurt, cereal for Charlie, sunflower seed butter for Charlie (he is not that crazy about the Once Again brand which is my favorite), jelly for Charlie (he eats a SB&J everyday for lunch), Swiss cheese, broccoli, salsa, 2 Larabars and chocolate wedges for D & C (none for mommy – they contain soy).  That is so much less than I used to get.




When we got home I made a salad with the rest of my nutritional yeast veggies, spinach, salsa and chic peas.  I also had 2 rice cakes with melted Swiss. 



DSC01692 DSC01693


I ended lunch with an apple and PB.



We did not have that much excitement after that. I needed to chat with my sis for a few – Rocco is sleeping over tomorrow and I needed to get the low down. 

I snacked on this bar this afternoon. Not sure why it says GIANT – that it was not but it did taste good.




For some protein I had 1/2 a cup of plain Greek yogurt spiced with cinnamon.  I love that bunny spoon.




D and I ran to Whole Foods to get the items that I could not buy at TJ’s like Sunshine Burgers, golden delicious apples, a huge container of greens (mommy needs her salad fixins), zucchini, all beef hot dogs for D (per his request) and I actually bought stuff for dinner.  Yes I was lazy and bought premade chicken for myself since the label was present and it was all tummy friendly ingredients.  I picked up sushi for the big man.  D ate one of his hot dogs on a gluten free roll so dinner was easy.  I topped a salad (lettuce, broccoli and hummus) with some of the BBQ chicken. I also had a Swiss cheese sandwich on gluten free bread. 



DSC01698 DSC01699


Dessert was chocolate - a good amount – I was in need of something sweet. 



Time to go relax. Have a good night.


Sarah (LovIN My Tummy) said...

I spy hummbecue! I hope you and your family have a gorgeous weekend!

K from ksgoodeats said...

Glad D's tummy didn't hurt last night!! That bunny spoon is way too cute - I love it!

Hope you all have a great weekend :)

Heather McD (Heather Eats Almond Butter) said...

Thank goodness for TJ's and Whole Foods as they both carry lots of soy and gluten free products. I love the chicken sausages from TJ's since they don't have any pork casings on them. Don't know why that kind of grosses me out. When I buy chicken sausage, I want chicken, not pig, ya know?

Glad D's belly is feeling good. :)