Friday, May 15, 2009

Fragrant Bouquet

The air outside today was exceptionally fragrant.  The smells of summer are definitely saturating the air.  During my 7.5 mile run this morning I felt like I had a bouquet of flowers under my nose the entire time. I am not sure what all the varieties I was smelling are, but lilac was among them.  I wish that I had some lilac bushes growing in my yard. Not only do I find the smell magnificent but I love the color purple. 

I made myself a bowl of oats that will hopefully get this cleaning day off to a good start.  I already have a couple snacks packed just in case I need them – it is a guarantee that I will.


In the mix today:

1/2 cup oats cooked on the stove with lots of water

1 tablespoon Chocolate Rice Protein powder

1/2 cup Pumpkin


BIG scoop of Plain Greek yogurt

Coconut Butter



The snacks that I have packed are a Swiss cheese sandwich (2 slices of Gluten Free bread & 1 slice of cheese) and a Nature’s Place Organic Sweet & Salty bar. 

After cleaning, I am stopping at TJ’s and then I have to pick up my new running sneakers.  I am so excited – I just love getting new kicks.  I hope you have a great Friday. 

Anything exciting planned for this weekend?  I have a bridal shower (the invite said a Champagne Brunch), to attend at 10:30 AM on Sunday. At least I will be able to see my sis. I would rather save myself the 2 hours driving that day.


Rose said...

I have a bachelorette party tonight and my little brother is heading off to his first prom tonight, so I'm going to snag some photos first!

Tanya said...

Now that's how oyu hook up oats :-) I have nothing exciting planned this weekend.

K from ksgoodeats said...

I LOVE lilacs!! We have a whole bunch in our yard as well! Sure sign of spring!

Good luck cleaning and have fun at TJs!!

Anne said...

Ooh, I just love the smell of flowers. It just automatically lifts my mood!
That breakfast looks delicious. I've got a 5k this weekend that I'm a little nervous about. I hope you have a good time at the bridal shower, and that the drive isn't too bad :)