Monday, May 11, 2009

Enjoy the Sunshine

Just a quick Hello before we head out to the park – we must go enjoy the sunshine. It is actually warmer outside than it is in my house.  I am going to take some things to play with too. D always likes to run around the soccer field that abuts the park.  Last time we tossed his baseball and he kept saying that he wished we had a football so I will make sure to take one along today.

Ok here is a rundown of my eats so far.  I am sure that you could guess what I made for lunch but I will show you anyway. 

First, this morning I had 2 rice cakes with a piece of turkey and Swiss cheese.  I just popped it in the micro for a few seconds to melt the cheese a bit. 



Lunch was a salad – I know so predictable.  It contained lettuce, shredded cabbage (no carrots – I don’t think they were agreeing with me), red pepper, zucchini, salsa, hummus, cottage cheese and 2 rice cakes.  I also had an apple – I love my carby fruits. 


DSC01241 DSC01244


I ended with this chewy and crunchy delight.



Alrighty, I am off to soak up some sunshine with my sweet tart.  See you later.

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K from ksgoodeats said...

That sweet and salty bar makes me jealous :)

Hope you all had a great day! I saw your bracelet from yesterday, gorgeous!!