Friday, May 15, 2009

The Best Chocolate EVER

Today was a busy, busy day which is how every cleaning Friday goes.  We ran our errands after I finished cleaning. Once we were home I had to make lunch ASAP.  I made a salad that contained so many good things it’s not even funny.

lettuce, shredded cabbage, broccoli, zucchini, chic peas, salsa, cottage cheese and crushed pineapple

I had some TJ’s Blue Corn Tortilla Chips with it.


DSC01317 DSC01319


I ended with 2 Chocolate covered dates



After I stuffed my face D and I headed out on the town again. I needed to run to the bank and I wanted to get a shower gift while the registry still has good choices left to be purchased. 

I did not get hungry till I got home but then hunger hit HARD.  I was famished and threw together another delicious salad – of course. It contained lettuce, sprouts, hummus, salsa, cottage cheese, almonds and Cupola Clouds.



I was seriously graving Sunbutter and jelly so I topped 2 rice cakes with just that. I actually made 2 Corn Thins too – one had almond butter and jelly.  That satisfied my craving and oh baby were they good.  I think my lack of an afternoon snack finally caught up with me.



For dessert we had a little chocolate treat.  Taza Chocolate is by far the best chocolate I have ever had.  I prefer the Cinnamon but Charlie likes the Vanilla. It has a very graining texture but not in a bad way.  The best part, it is soy free – obviously, or I would not be eating it.


DSC01325 DSC01326


After dinner I walked to the Paper Store to get a gift bag for the shower gift I bought this afternoon (Daddy and D were playing video games). We live near a little strip mall – that is where Whole Foods is.  The walk up and back was rather refreshing - it was so warm out tonight. I am so liking this weather. 

I hope you all had a great day. See you tomorrow.


polly said...

hi sweetie!

Love hearing about your days with sweet pea and C. Hope your weeked is wonderful! We have no huge plans tomorrow. I am teaching my usual yoga class and church tomm night. Sunday Abbi has her class party for school (a big bonfire, hayride, fun time at a farm!) and D and I are working on a few things for the DVD. :)

Hey sweetie, what are the things you avoid? Soy, wheat, hormone filled dairy? I am so thankful to have found a few things that I know I must avoid, so I feel good! It's the maybe foods that are still up for grabs. (like wheat!) Every so often I will try a little just to see.

Love you! Enjoy this peaceful evening. We are all in jammies at our house. Talk to you soon, my friend Sammie sugar pie. xoxo

Sammie said...

Those are the things that I avoid but I do also stay away from carrots. For some reason they do a number on my system. I am not sure if cooking them makes it easier on me or not. I just know that raw carrots are a no-no. Also, I ate corn the other day and last night I felt ILL. I am like you and try to test every now and then but I always regret it. I need to just stick to my lettuce, zucchini, red peppers and sweet potatoes. I can also eat beans in small amounts - I just love them in my salads. They mystery of my digestive system still remains - it is a definite pain but at least I am not battling a life threatening disease.
I hope you have a great weekend my sweet friend. I wish we could take a walk today. I am off to run in the great outdoors. Then I am taking D to karate class. Charlie has to stay home - we are getting Fios hooked up today.
talk to you soon xoxo

K from ksgoodeats said...

Oh my goodness - your salad creations always make me hungry!! You fit so many fantastic things into one bowl :)