Sunday, April 5, 2009

Truly Safe

Thankfully I did not have a visit from the acne fairy during the night.  That’s right Truly Yogurt seems to be truly safe for my skin – in moderation I am sure. I am still sticking to a tight ship a far as my diary selection goes. 

I was thrilled to get out and feel the pavement under my feet this morning. Before I left I had an Enjoy Life bar and did a bunch of Yoga poses to stretch – I love my forward bends and warrior two. My legs are feeling superb!!!

I was planning on doing an 8 miler but, well, you know how it goes once my legs get in the groove.  I did 10 and it was WONDERFUL!!!  I finished in an hour and 20 minutes -  consistent I am (oh no too much Star Wars – I am sounding like Yoda).

For breakfast I turned to my ever so belly friendly oats.  The usual 3/4 cup oatmeal went in the bowl along with water. I used the micro and cooked it till it was thick and luscious. 

DSC00179 DSC00182


Then the fun stuff came along and joined the party – Greek yogurt hung out with cinnamon and the banana made nice with the peanuts.


DSC00185 DSC00181

It was a blast and my tummy is full. 

Today we have a 5th birthday party to attend for a set of fraternal twins. The brother and sister pair are Karate classmates of D and the party is being held at the dojo.  Rocco is also invited so we get to have a little family time too. 

The sun is shining and it is looking like a gorgeous day. I really would like to vacuum out my truck. The winter months really take their toll on my rugs.

Enjoy your day.  See you later.


VeggieGirl said...

HELL YES for skin-safe yogurt, 10-mile run, yoga, big breakfast, a party later... yay!! :-)

K said...

Haha I love your explanation of breakfast! Glad the dessert was a success!!

Bridget said...

Awesome Run!!! Your breakfast sounds so good!!!