Sunday, April 5, 2009

Sammie’s Salads

I am going to give you a quick recap because my little man has a tummy ache and I might need to assist daddy if he has another “issue”.

I was able to clean my truck today – woo hoo, no more piles of pebbles on the floor.  When I finished I made a snack – 2 Corn Thins with cream cheese, dried apricots and dried cherries. 


Lunch was gluten free toast with provolone cheese (check out the whole in that slice – wacky bread I tell ya). I also made a salad – lettuce, red pepper, zucchini, black beans, salsa and Rice Crisps for lovely crunch.

I ended lunch with a Chocolate Jocalat bar which tasted like I was eating a brownie – it was amazing.

DSC00213 DSC00216

The karate birthday party was a hit with all the kiddies. 



Of course the dynamic duo were inseparable.



Each kid got to punch a piece of wood and break it.  This was very exciting. D has his as a souvenir of his toughness. 



Rocco showed it who was boss. 



Then came the sugar and loud noise.  D didn’t eat any cake or ice cream but he did drink 2 juice boxes. At home he gets milk or water – we don’t buy juice. I think the juice is the culprit behind his tummy woes this evening.  I knew that I shouldn’t have let him have a second drink.  I think he was super thirsty after running around. Mommy should have made him drink water – lesson learned.



After the party we stopped by Nana’s house so that Charlie and I could cut Ocho’s nails.  My Nana called me earlier this week to ask if I could come by because they get nervous trying to do it. Ocho is such a squirmy wormy so it can be a bit nerve racking.  We are old pros with her by now and know exactly how to do it. 

When we got home I had 2 rice cakes, peanut butter and an apple for a snack.




Dinner was another Sammie salad creation – lettuce, broccoli slaw, mushrooms, sweet potato, cottage cheese and Nut Thin crackers. I tossed on some cinnamon and cumin for some seasoning.

I made a dried fruit and nut plate for dessert.


DSC00241 DSC00242

So that is all for today.  Time to go check on my sweetie pie.  Have a great night.


VeggieGirl said...

Fun party; and hooray for helping out little Ocho :-)

Hope D feel 100% better!!

Zesty Cook said...

Great snacks and super cute pics :)

Alison said...

What is a corn thin? Is it like a rice cake made from corn?

The Chocolate Jocalot bar is great! I'm not a big Larabar fan, but that one I liked.

Sammie said...

That is exactly what it is. The texture is a bit more sturdy - it doesn't flake apart as easy. They taste just like popcorn.

Mariposa said...

the bday party looks like it was GREAT fun! i love going to kids bday parties! but it is definitely a sugar battle.. some parents let the kids let loose and eat everything. im a mean mommy and watch every crumb that goes in the Peanuts mouth at parties! ...grrrrr.. lol

btw- im puting you down for two entries on the contest.. yippee!!

HangryPants said...

What a fun birthday party idea!