Monday, April 20, 2009

Runners Paradise

Hey guys, I hope you had a great weekend. The Expo was so much fun, it was PACKED!!!!  We walked around for a while checking out all the goodies.  Of course this big guy caught my peanut butter loving eye.  I also thought the jar of Low Sugar Strawberry Preserves was appropriate too – that just happens to be my favorite type of fruity spread. 

D is not sleeping, he was being a little stinker about having his picture taken.  He was tired of walking around by this point. 


I purchased a few things while I was there.  The first was a running belt to hold my belongings.  I never run without my phone and I have been using a Nike Armband.  Well it is a bit irritating after a while – my arm kind of feels numb by the end. This belt is not supposed to bounce or move at all during a run. You can check out the iFitness site full details.



The other thing I bought was a pair of injinji socks that are supposed to stop you from getting blisters.  I have been getting them on the tips of my toes, even when I glob on the Vaseline.



After the Expo, we walked to the Marathon finish line.  There were so many people taking pictures. You could really feel the excitement in the city yesterday. 



Happy Marathon Monday!!! 

This morning I was going to go to the gym seeing as I have not been since last Tuesday.  I have been loving the runs outside so much that the thought of an indoor workout seems boring.  I ended up hitting the pavement instead, plus I wanted to try out my new gear. After the standard foam roller exercises I strapped on the new ifitness running belt, slipped on my new socks and ventured out for a 7.5 mile run.  It was so foggy out there today. It kind of felt like it was raining because the air was so moist. It was a great run – I just love the sights and sounds of nature. I actually saw 2 beautiful deer today.  They are such graceful creatures that when they move they almost look like they are gliding on air. 

The verdict on the belt – it was great and it did not move an inch. I could barely feel it.  Of course I could feel that I had something around my waist but I could not feel the weight of my phone inside the pocket.  If you are in the market for a little gem like this, I highly recommend this brand.  There is also an inner pocket that you can put your ID in or maybe a key (like I did today).  The socks were also great. I wish I bought a pair for every day of the week. When I took them off they were not even damp.  My toes are happy too. 

Breakfast this morning was sadly not a bowl of oatmeal – I am all out :(

I made Quinoa Flakes instead – still good but not as yummy as my beloved oats. 

I added a banana and cinnamon to the cooked Quinoa – simple and tummy friendly.


The banana I used was so teeny. I bought a bunch of small ones so that maybe I can get D to eat one.


For some extra protein I had a bowl of plain Greek yogurt flavored with lots of cinnamon.



Today I must replenish my oatmeal supply and I do need to pick up a few other necessities. Other than running a few errands, our day is not looking that exciting. I do need to break out the vacuum which for me is exciting.

I just want to say good luck to all the Marathon Runners.  One of our beloved blog sister’s Bobbi is running today and it is her BIRTHDAY!!!  Go give her some love.  Happy Birthday Bobbi!!!  I am rooting for you today.




VeggieGirl said...

Such a fun expo!! I need that giant jar of PB, haha :-D

Erica said...

Very cool expo! Great buys too! Happy marathon Monday! Enjoy your day

FoodsThatFit said...

Running expos are the best!!

I saw that running belt type thing at an expo last month and am kicking myself for not buying it!

K from ksgoodeats said...

Too bad that jar wasn't actually filled with PB - us bloggers would have been in heaven!! Looks like you picked up a lot of goodies :)