Thursday, April 9, 2009

National Poetry Month

Did you know that April is National Poetry Month? I would have never known that if we didn’t go to story hour at the book store this morning.  All the reading today was silly poems that were very age appropriate for all who were in attendance.  One of the books read was Silly Street by Jeff Foxworthy – it was VERY goofy and the kiddos were amused. We are really enjoying the twice a week excursions to story time – you just can’t beat a free activity.

Before we left I had a piece of string cheese and some almonds. 



D also likes playing with the train table at the store so when story time was over I let him fiddle with the trains for a little while. He actually has a train table in his room that he barely plays with – the one at the store must be special. 

When we got home it was almost noon and I was already ready for lunch.  I made a big salad which I am sure you all knew that was coming.

In the mix – lettuce, broccoli slaw, cabbage slaw, chic peas, salsa (instead of dressing – it’s the best) and cottage cheese. 


DSC00353 DSC00345 DSC00354


I also had Rice Thin crackers for some dippers. I used to never be that much of a cracker fan but rice crackers are a totally different story – I love these things.  They are not too salty (which one reason that I never ate crackers – the salt hurt my tongue) and the crispness is way more intense than a wheat cracker.  Rice crackers actually come in a bunch of flavors but I opted for the plain.  I have seen ones with sesame seeds, cheese and soy flavoring.  If you dig the crunch like me you should give these things a try. 


DSC00347 DSC00352


I ended lunch with a new flavor Jocalat bar – yeah it was awesome.  I just don’t have anything bad to say about Larabars – they are my favorite bars and I can’t believe that it took me so long to discover them. I actually had never heard of them until I started to read foodie blogs.  Then again I have tried so many different things having been influenced by the blog world. 


DSC00350 DSC00349 DSC00351


What are some of the foods that you have tried since traveling the blog circuit?  Anything that you tried and did not like? How about something you tried and just can’t live without now? 

For me – definitely Larabars and hemp.  The next thing on my list is Rice Protein Powder. 

This afternoon D is getting his hair cut – of course I will take along my camera so you all can get in on the action.  He isn’t happy about it but I promised that she would not cut it short but just shape it up a bit. He still isn’t down with the idea. 

Have a great afternoon.


Charlie said...

Woo hoo for free activities!

VeggieGirl said...

Love poetry!!

Products for me = Pure bars, Larabars, PB Puffins...

K from ksgoodeats said...

Every ingredient in your salad is one of my favorite foods! Pure heaven in a bowl :)

The blog world has opened my eyes to the wonders of Greek yogurt and Barney Butter!

Sarah (lovINmytummy) said...

I love your HUGH JASS salads! MMM...can't wait for lunch!

Good luck with the haircut. I say, get the lollipop BEFORE. Always works for my gals.

Anonymous said...

Can't live without peanut or almond butter in my oatmeal!!!!

And i was encouraged to try coconut water from the blog world, except I couldn't even swallow it!! Love the new blog layout!