Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Made My Day

Happy Wednesday and HAPPY EARTH DAY!!!  Have you made any changes this year to conserve more and be a little bit more Earth friendly?  We cut back A LOT on our oil use this winter – yeah I never put the thermostat past 60 – I FROZE!!!  But it was well worth it (we were able to eat instead) and I could always add another layer of clothing. We always turn off the lights when we are not in the room and I bring my own reusable bags to the store.  One thing that I am going to try to do is be faster in the shower.  I love a HOT shower but no need to be in there so long.

I ventured out to be with Mother Nature this morning – it was in the 50’s.  Another run without gloves or a hat and I was able to leave even earlier – gotta love the early sunrise.  I did a nice 9 mile loop with some fancy foot work in order to avoid all the worms – what is up with these guys lately. If I were into fishing I could go out and collect a weeks worth of bait right off the street.  I saw one that was 6 inches long and this guy had girth (not even going to go there – dirty minds). Once I got home I rolled on the foam for a bit then made a protein drink.  I threw some water, Rice Protein, a baby banana and lots of ice into the Vita-Mix and let it do it’s thing.  I sipped on this then hopped into the shower.  I swear it was a fast one today.



For breakfast I had a simple bowl of oatmeal – 3/4 cup cooked with water.  I also had a Stonyfield Blueberry yogurt.  Some found it’s way into my oats – it was divine.


DSC00767 DSC00768


D and I headed out the the gym for our weekly babysitting shift.  It was absolute chaos – it being school vaca week.  There were 3 older boys today by that I mean over 10 and they were FRESH!!!  I had to stop thinking that I might be the mother of such a child some day – it almost brought me to tears.  My little man was stellar by the way – let’s hope he didn’t pick up on any of their sassiness.

I packed this bar for a snack when we were finished. 



Lunch was my famous hummus, cottage cheese and fresh salsa salad.  There was also a little bed of lettuce and some red pepper in there. I kind of have a hummus addiction lately. I think it is the salty and creamy goodness that gets me every time.  I had 3 Corn Thins as well. Two were left plain so that I could spread some salad yummies on top and the other one had some Mighty Maple PB on it.


DSC00776 DSC00774

I ended things a little Loco.  It was a nice treat to eat with my favorite Stash Tea. 



Do you all remember my Crispy Peanut Butter Ball Recipe?  Well I was asked if I wanted to submit it to the US Mills company and have it published on their site.  Today I got the e-mail confirming that it was in fact there for all to see. It totally made my day. Check it out – I almost feel famous.  This is too much excitement for this simple stay at home Mommy. Time to go tend to my duties – I haven’t resorted to hired help yet.

Enjoy the rest of your day.


VeggieGirl said...


Happy Earth Day!!

Charlie said...

We may be stingy on oil, but no more compact flourescents for me after having to clean up the last one without a vacuum because of the mercury vapor. Too much of a pain.

Mariposa said...

congrats on publishing that!!!! fantastic!

ohhhhh yea my house was freezing and we used a space heater to heat the bedroom at night. big mistake when i got my electric bill ... to the tune of 227 bucks. i told the boy we needed to wear flannel pjs and suck it up

polly said...

You ARE famous. Alread. Awesome wife, wonderful mommy, sweet friend, amazing blogger... that all equals famous to me.

Love you sweetie! woohoo on that recipe! XOXO

Charlie said...

By the way, the picture of the protein shake sort or reminds me of a Guiness right after it's poured. Sort of makes me want to get blotto.

Sarah (lovINmytummy) said...

You are FAMOUS and I KNOW YOU! Congrats on being published and a great run (soooo very jealous...)

K from ksgoodeats said...

Haha I laughed at the worm part!! I love my hot showers too!