Tuesday, April 21, 2009

A Long Ride Home

Hello my friends. Have you enjoyed this fine Tuesday? D and I had a lovely visit with my sis and Rocco. I love how close the boys are – they are like brothers.  When I agreed to go over their house this morning, I had forgotten that I had a Dermatologist Appointment this afternoon.  It worked out well, I did not have to drag my sidekick with me in the pouring rain.  He was happy to stay with Rocco while I scooted out for a few. It was nice to have control over the radio. 

Before we left the house this morning I had a snack – 2 rice cakes with a piece of melted Swiss cheese.



I packed lunch to go – a big salad that contained lettuce, red pepper, fresh salsa, broccoli slaw, hummus and cottage cheese. I also had a Chocolate Coconut Larabar. I do love this flavor but I would definitely choose the Coconut Cream Pie over it any day.


DSC00752 DSC00754

In case you are at all curious as to what I packed my little picky pickster – here is his spread.  In the square container – Strawberries, Veggie Chips (he did not eat these), vanilla yogurt in the circle container (I added Real Maple Syrup to it at my sis’s house before serving it to my little Prince) and 2 Granola Bars (he only ate one). Honestly I am not crazy about letting have this brand of granola bars – they contain high fructose corn syrup and many other icky ingredients. I have tried “healthier” brands but he has not liked any of them. I just have to let him have a few “naughty” foods and try really hard to get him to eat healthy the rest of the time.  He was a good doobie and ate all the strawberries and yogurt.



I went to my appointment – it was just a follow up. She is so thrilled at how good my skin is looking after all the dietary changes – as am I.  It was a long road with a lot of trial and error – thankfully we were able to pin point the exact culprit. 

When I returned to my sis’s house D told me he shut Rocco’s fingers in the door. He said it was an accident and Rocco was not hurt – his fingers are still intact. 

I had to break into my snack – a Stonyfield Yogurt and a Mrs. May’s bar. I love this vanilla yogurt – it was not too sweet but very creamy.  The bar was super crunchy – chock full of sesame seeds, nuts and chewy dried fruit – YUM!!! 


We hit the road so that I could get home with plenty of time to make dinner for my guys (and ME of course).  Well look what was waiting for me on the highway.  It usually takes me about 20 minutes to get home – tonight it took me over an hour!!!!! 



Somebody took advantage of the down time. Do you think they wore each other out?  Sorry for the blurry photo. This is a picture taken with my camera phone and I think my hand was shaking because I was starving by this time. 



When I got home my hubs walked in the door moments later.  Thankfully the guys were cool with pasta. Charlie also got a mango, avocado and sunflower seed salad. 

I whipped up another salad for myself. I was in no mood to put much thought into my dinner and you know that I can easily eat salad for lunch and dinner every day. This guy contained lettuce, red pepper, pumpkin, hummus and cottage cheese.  I had 2 rice cakes on the side.  This was simple but oh so yummy to my super hungry tummy. 


DSC00763 DSC00761


For dessert I had 2 Corn Thins topped with Mighty Maple PB and 3 dates.



The wee one is not having an easy time falling asleep tonight – see the nap is never a good thing.  He just came down stairs – ugh!! 

I hope you have a great night.  See you tomorrow.


FoodsThatFit said...

Oh, D looks so peaceful sleeping in the car!!!

I need to try those TRIO bars,I have been seeing them on blogs, but not in the stores...I am going to keep my eyes out for them.

Have a good night!

K from ksgoodeats said...

I'm so glad to hear you're figuring out that dairy was an issue! It's always nice to feel like an experiment is actually working and you're seeing successes! D looks so precious sleeping in the car!!