Monday, April 27, 2009

Cupoladua Oven Goodies

I was so thrilled when a package came to the door this afternoon – goodies for Sammie. Inside I discovered 4 boxes of Cupoladua Oven treats.  The co-founder, Stephanie, generously sent me these gluten and soy free products to test. As soon as I read the ingredients I knew that these would be something that would agree with my rather difficult digestive system. 



The first one I tried was the Espresso Walnut.  WOW!!  These things have an intense flavor that I thought was amazing.  My hubs tested them too and this one was his favorite.  I was surprised that the cookies were not overly sweet but still delightful.

DSC00917 DSC00936

The texture reminds me of a meringue but not nearly as sweet. I liked the little crunchy walnut pieces – something that I did not expect. I could definitely see myself enjoying these with a cup of tea or a decaf coffee. 


DSC00922 DSC00921


For dessert tonight I tried the other 2 sweet Cookies – Chai Pistachio and Chocolate Cashew. 


DSC00920 DSC00935


This generous serving is 105 calories and 3 grams of fat – not bad for a sweet treat. 

On the left is the Chocolate Cashew and the Chai Pistachio is on the right. 


I really liked both flavors but the Chai really won my heart.  I love Chai tea so I knew that these would be my favorite.  Both had little crunchy bits from the nuts which was nice for a difference in texture. I probably should have waited to try the Chocolate Cashew because the flavor of the Chai kind of overpowered my tongue.  Charlie tested these as well and liked them both but the Espresso was still his top pick.

DSC00919 DSC00934

I tried a few of the Parmesan Pink Peppercorn Clouds with my dinner salad this evening.  The entire box contains one serving but I only had about 1/5 of it. 

DSC00918 DSC00933

The Clouds were a bit crumbly so I topped my salad with them.  I tasted a few beforehand and the flavor was delicious. The cheese flavor was mild and the pepper really shined through. Charlie was wishing that they were a bit more heartier and greasier – of course he is the chip man after all.  I liked the texture and was glad that they were not at all greasy. 


DSC00925 DSC00923

I love that on the side of each box they list ways to enjoy these little gems. For example, you could crumble the Cookies over ice cream, pudding or cobblers.  The Clouds can be crumbled over soup, casseroles or salad as I did.  They also give wine suggestions if you are a wine drinker.  I could definitely see these cuties being a hit at a cocktail party. 

I have not seen these sold at any stores here in MA but you can check the website and see if any retailers in your area are selling them.  You can also order all the flavors online. 

Thank you so much Stephanie. This tasting was such a joy to somebody that has such a limited diet.  I love that your products are made with ingredients that will not upset my tummy.  I give them all a big thumbs up!! 


FoodsThatFit said...

Love that you found a snack you can eat!

Danica's Daily said...

Fun cookies!

Tina said...

Ooooh, those cookies sound fun and delicious!

Stephanie from Cupoladua Oven said...

Hi Sammie,

We're glad to hear that you enjoyed our Cupola Cookies & Cupola Clouds- thanks for the wonderful product review.

Hopefully our products will be available at retail locations in MA soon. We'll be sure to let you know!