Saturday, March 28, 2009

Whey Good

Hello my blog friends. I hope your day is going well.  The sun is shining here in good old Massachusetts so all is good. 

This morning I ran a glorious 11 miles and I didn’t even need to wear a hat.  I think it was like 40 degrees – watch out heat wave. 

When I got home I immediately needed to make breakfast – we needed to be out the door by 8:30.  I whipped up a large bowl of oatmeal – 3/4 cup oats cooked with water, 1/2 a banana and a Banilla YoKids yogurt.

Yes I am scrubalicious in this picture – cut me some slack I just ran 11 miles. 



I made a banana sandwich with the other 1/2 of my banana – it is the famous PB & B. 



The lovely people at Better Whey sent me three of their yogurts to try.  I packed the Peach Mango flavor to have as a snack after D’s karate class.  I love the texture of this yogurt. It was not quite as thick as Greek style but close.  Also this flavor was tangy and not overly sweet.  You all know how much I love the tanginess of plain yogurt so I was pleasantly surprised by this one which is a sweetened yogurt.  It has less sugar than regular sweetened yogurts and a whopping 15 grams of protein.  I would can not wait to try the other flavors – this stuff is “Whey Good”.



We made our usual Border’s stop on the way home from karate.  I could spend hours in the book store – actually I have.  We also had to stop at Target for a few necessities. 

Lunch was made as soon as I got home.  I made a salad – lettuce, broccoli slaw, red pepper and salsa.  I melted a piece of swiss cheese and a piece of provolone cheese on gluten free bread. I also had a few Rice Crisps. 



I ended lunch with 2 Medjool dates stuffed with almond butter.  As you can see I am developing as addiction to these beasties and I am not looking so sweaty – I managed to clean up before leaving the house this morning.  No make-up today – I am going all natural which is how I am most of the time. 



Now I must tend to my house and piles of laundry sitting in front of the washing machine.  I hope you have an awesome day.  See you later.


VeggieGirl said...

PB&B "sandwich" + stuffed medjool dates = HOLY YUM!!

Good luck with the laundry!!

FoodsThatFit said...

I've never seen your tattoo on your arm before. What is it of??? I'd love to hear the story about it!

Anonymous said...

Scrubalicious - I like that term!! Hooray for Border's and Target :)

Thanks for the yogurt review!! Hope you have a good afternoon!

Anonymous said...

I'm loving all the pictures with you as well! Maybe your camera never needs fixed! I'm thinkin' Big D needs to make a special appearance!

Brittney said...

Hey Sammy,

1. You are gorgeous au natural!
(so it would appear your outside matches your inside:) I'm new to the blog and haven't seen many pictures

2. I would never ask you to reveal your weight/height, and if you don't feel like answering this either I understand, because I do know that everyone has a dif natural body type/dif bone structure/yada yada, but what is your BMI? I would really, really like to know. And/or body fat % if you know it? I know that is very personal and you're right to ask wh I ask, but honestly it's just because I know you eat SUPER healthy and workout A TON, but yet do seem balanced so I'm wanting to put numbers to such a great lifestyle. Thanks

Anonymous said...

Sammie you're so buff! :D I like these picture posts- hopefully D will pop in soon!

Sammie said...

I don't know my BMI or my body fat%. I am just lean which is normal in my family. I have a very high metabolism and eat healthy. Now that I eat a gluten free diet my choices are limited so I am trying to get creative with my meals. Sorry I don't have numbers for you - I really don't care to know what my BMI is or my body fat%. All that matters to me is that I am happy and healthy so I can be a good mommy.

Sammie said...

I have a tattoo of my sons name on my forearm. It is based on the Art Nouveau style which is my favorite art era. I will get a better shot for you to see soon.

makenna said...

We just had a lecture on celiac disease etc. and gluten intolerance for a course I am taking. I know you've started a gluten-free diet but are you positive that is the cause? Have you seen a doctor about it! Just wanted to share some concern!:)

Sammie said...

Thanks for your concern. I don't have celiac disease - I was tested. I am most certain that I have a gluten/wheat intolerance. Since I have cut it out of my diet I have not had one stomach ache. The diet that I am following is not really that different - I just don't have wheat. I still eat a lot of nuts, rice, oats, quinoa, fruits (even dried varieties), veggies -all of which agree just dandy with my belly. I feel great.