Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Wheat Free

Happy Wednesday!!  We are having yet another gorgeous sunny day.  D and I managed to make it through our babysitting shift without any major issues even though the kiddies were super rambunctious. Today one of our youngest pals (I think he is maybe 10 months) was taking a few steps here and there. He was so cute wobbling all over the place – I kind of miss those days – heavy stress on the kind of. 

Let me recap the eats of the day. 

I was up early and went to the gym for a 60 min. run (7.44 miles) and some weights.  Before my workout I ate half of a new bar that I got yesterday.


Half was miniscule.  It did the trick with out giving me a belly ache – no soy or wheat in these guys. 




Breakfast this morning was oatmeal, raisins, strawberry yogurt and cashews. I’m not having oat bran because it is not recommended to people who are avoiding wheat.  That’s ok, the oats today were super creamy and delish.  I would like to note that my tummy was feeling great and gurgle free.



My AM snack was a Larabar.  The first time I tried this bar I was not crazy about it but I decided to give it a 2nd chance.  I actually really enjoyed it today. Maybe with the limited foods in my life the tartness of this bar made my tastebuds perk up a bit. My belly was still feeling great.



For lunch I made a Swiss and tomato sandwich on my gluten/soy free bread. 



I also had a salad – lettuce, tomato, butternut squash, zucchini and Maple Grove Farms dressing.



I ended lunch with cottage cheese, Cinnamon Puffins, a dried apricot, 2 dried figs and a spot of PB.



The belly result after all that is – I FEEL GREAT!!!  I am actually not that thrilled about that because I don’t like the fact that maybe it is wheat bothering me.  I really love all my wheatie foods.  I do love the fact that ALL day my stomach has not felt bloated at all. If I may get a bit personal, I usually develop gas pains after I eat these foods that cause havoc to my system – kind of embarrassing but it happens.  I have gotten to the point of not wanting to leave my house because my stomach hurt so bad – that is not a good thing.  My plan is to try to eat wheat free for a little while and then add in a small serving at one meal maybe in a week or 2.  If I get a belly ache then I will know exactly who the culprit is. 

I will try to get as creative as I can with my meals as I embark on this new diet.  I hope that you all will still enjoy reading, your loyalty means a lot to this mommy. 

If anyone has any gluten free product suggestions or recipes please drop me an e-mail if you are willing to share.  Thanks a bunch. 

I hope you are enjoying your day.  See you tonight with my gluten free dinner recap. 


VeggieGirl said...

HELL YES FOR BEING SOY-FREE!!!! And now wheat-free, all like me :-D

Sammie said...

Thanks for all your help the past few days. I really feel so much better. It is nice to know that there are others out there that have the same issues and that I am not crazy.

Anonymous said...

haha ya my first thought is miss VG!! I know Mariposa- her site is is intolerant to wheat and gluten i think?? Good luck, and I will FOR sure keep reading- even if it's only funny D stories and pictures :D!!

Mariposa said...

Hi Sammie! Welcome to my world!

I eat wheat/gluten, dairy, and sometimes soy free (i can eat it- i try not to though)

Veggie Girl has GREAT baked treats that are all soy and gluten free so definitely check out those recipes!

also i have some product reviews on my site that are all wheat free! there are so many options out there.. we def. don't have to eat sawdust for food to avoid stomach problems!

hope to talk with you soon!!

polly said...

Yes sweetie I will keep reading cans your blog is so much more about food... it's also about your wonderful family and your food is indeed beautiful, in fact... my diet is very similar! Yay for no wheat, no soy, and for me... no dairy! We can be thankful for all the yummy things we CAN eat! Many hugs and love that sweet little man D today... he is such a pumpkin boy. xoxo

polly said...

I meant CAUSE, not cans.. hehe

Sarah (lovINmytummy) said...

Some of our favorite gluten free things when we were doing that with our Livy were brown rice pasta, TJ's brown rice bread, TJ's brown rice tortillas. Have I mentioned TJ's? They have tons of gluten free items.

Erica said...

Hey- where are the bars from? WFs? I think Josh would really like them. I sent your bread out today! I hope it gets there in one piece...I think I packaged it well?

K said...

I'm glad you're getting to the root of the problem - I've been having stomach issues lately too but it's in a weird spot where you shouldn't have pains so I'm not sure what to think!

I hope your experiment is successful!

Kaye said...

I found this recipe on PetitChef. I don't do the gluten-free thing, but the poster noted that this recipe is. I used all turkey smoked sausage and omitted the bacon drippings for extra olive oil and it was still good!

I made it last night, and I'm totally going to add kale next time!

Sammie said...

Thanks for the recipe.

Lindsay said... Shauna's blog was one of the first I ever read, been at least 4 years now... even though I dont have a problem with wheat, I love her writing, and her recipes. She has a book now too! You'll get some good ideas and references there. Goood luck!