Monday, March 2, 2009


That is how I feel this morning.  We have sooooo much snow outside and it isn’t over yet. This is what my road looks like.  You can’t even see the end of my driveway.  I swear there is about 12 inches at the end of it – good thing we have Big Bertha to help dig us out.  Since I couldn’t get out of my driveway today I decided to just use the Water Rower.  It is a good workout, but I definitely don’t get that high like I get from a run. 



I kept breakfast simple.  I cooked oat bran with water, added a banana and a drizzle of The Bees Knees PB. 



My hubs is working out of the house this morning and then we need to tackle the mess outside.  It is supposed to be over by the afternoon – I just want it ALL to go away.  I really can’t wait for Spring. 

Have a great day. 


Anonymous said...

The snow has got to go!! Luckily we haven't had any snow fall since our last storm - I feel bad for you guys :(

Have a great Monday!

Heather McD (Heather Eats Almond Butter) said...

Good grief Sammie! This has been such a crazy winter for you guys. Spring will be here before we know it...I hope. Nashville got some of the white stuff yesterday as well, but nearly as much as you guys.

As far as the coconut milk goes, yes, I just freeze it in an ice-cube tray, and then add it to smoothies or Vita-Mix ice-creams. Yummy.

*Erica* said...

Amen! We don't have as much as you, but I bet we are wishing for spring and summer just as badly! Here's hoping the snow melts fast and spring is right around the corner!