Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Quite A Difference

Happy Wednesday my blog friends!  The babysitting room this morning was so totally different from last week which was completely chaotic.  For some reason there were less kiddies coming in and the ones that were there played very well together.  It made for a less hectic morning for all of the babysitters. 

Today I made it out the door at 4:45 AM – yes I am a crazy woman.  At the gym I did an 7 mile run and then a quick 15 min. on the Stationery Bike.  The only weights I did today were the abductor, adductor and glute machines.  I wanted to be out of there with plenty of time to shower, eat and get back there with my sidekick without feeling too rushed. 

For a quick yet satisfying breakfast I had a toasted English muffin topped with 1/2 a tbsp The Bees Knees PB. On the side I had my daily dose of banana goodness.



For some protein I had 1/2 a cup cottage cheese sprinkled with cinnamon.




On the ride home I was in need of a snack so I ate a Chocolate Peppermint Luna bar. Somehow I forgot to snap a photo of it before I left the house.  It was consumed while driving but I was careful to pay close attention to the road as I was savoring every delicious bite.

I am not sure what we are going to do for the rest of the day.  D just ate his lunch – mini cheese ravioli with a little olive oil.  I am probably going to reheat some left over pizza – mmmmm!!!!  I hope you have a great afternoon. 


Heather McD (Heather Eats Almond Butter) said...

Chocolate Peppermint - glad it didn't cause any traffic violations Sammie. :)

Enjoy your pizza my favorite early rising mamma!

HeatherBakes said...

Glad the babysitting went well! It's always good when there are no little scuffles to referee...

I LOVE that you call D your sidekick. So cute :)

VeggieGirl said...

Hooray for a less-hectic morning with the kids and for deeeeelish eats!! Enjoy that pizza tonight :-)

Lauren said...

I've been looking for the Bees Knees and Mighty Maple, to no avail! There are still some Boston-area WF that I need to check out...

ksgoodeats said...

CC and cinnamon = so good! I've heard that Luna tastes like a Girl Scout Thin Mint, is that true? Have a great Wednesday :)

Sammie said...

The Bees Knees is good but I would much rather Mighty Maple.

I haven't had a Thin Mint in so long and I can't remember exactly what they taste like. The Luna bar has a great peppermint & chocolate flavor so you should give it a try if you like that combo.