Monday, March 23, 2009

Quinoa in the Morning

Happy Monday!!!  I can’t believe how fast the weekend went by.

I actually slept horribly last night. A certain little person came into my room around 11 and woke me up by climbing into my bed.  I don’t have the heart to force him back to his own room.  I know that I would sleep much better but I just can’t do it. He kept kicking me so therefore I didn’t really sleep at all.  I couldn’t wait for 4 AM this morning – anything to get out of that bed. 

I literally jumped out of bed and ran downstairs. I tossed back a few prunes and almonds before heading to the gym. 



Today’s workout was a mixer.  I did a 10 min fast run to warm up, 25 min. on the Arc trainer with moving handles, 25 min. on the Elliptical with moving handles (I really don’t care for the machines that do not get your upper body involved) and then I finished with weights. 

Since starting my new diet, I am always on the lookout for interesting gluten free products to try.  When I spotted this box of Quinoa Flakes at Whole Foods yesterday I happily tossed it in the cart. I am in need of variety. 


I was so excited this morning to make my breakfast using the new product.  I followed the package instructions for a single serving (1/3 cup flakes cooked with 1 cup water).  Once it was cooked it got super thick – like oat bran (which I miss). 



I topped the cooked quinoa flakes with a banana and a 40z container of strawberry YoKids yogurt.



If you have ever had quinoa and liked it then you would really love this too. It had such an earthy flavor. I could actually see myself using this for a savory dish too.

Time to get the day started.  Have a great one.


VeggieGirl said...

Mmm, the quinoa breakfast looks delish!!


FoodsThatFit said...


I am so impressed by your early morning workout dedication. That is so smart though to go so early, before any interruptions or distractions happen.

I recently bought those same quinoa flakes,but haven't tried them yet. I love the nutrition stats on them.

I have tried quinoa flour, by the same brand as the flakes, but it was kind of bitter in baked goods.

Have a great day!

Jaime said...

wow lady! you get up early! haha i love it!! have you ever tried marys gone crackers? (they are gluten free) sooo good! i really reccommend them! xoxo

Rose said...

I'm curious how long this will hold you over.... my oats are not doing the trick as much as they used to...

Erica said...

I love quinoa- I bet this cereal is awesome! Thank you for posting about it!! Hope your Monday goes well!

Sammie said...

It is just about 10:30 and my stomach is growling for a snack. So it lasted about 2 1/2 hours which is about how long my breakfast usually lasts. I much prefer smaller meals even though I seem to have to eat more frequently.

Anonymous said...

Oooh great find!! Glad you like it!

Sorry you didn't get much rest! I used to be a kicker when I was D's age too - I grew out of it though ;)

Have a great Monday!

Laura said...

that quinoa dish looks great... i think i will try the flakes when i see them! thanks :)

Sammie said...

I checked out the crackers and the ones I found had soy in them which is a no-no too. Thanks for the recommendation though.