Monday, March 16, 2009

Off by One

The official race results are in and I was off by one second from what I thought my final time was.  I ran the race in 44 minutes & 13 seconds – not 12 – oops! 

When I got up this morning my legs felt great. I was kind of curious as to how they would feel after running such a different speed for that long.  I went to the gym and did an easy 4 mile run and then 30 minutes on the Arc Trainer with moving handles. I also did some weight training today and incorporated some of Jillian’s Shred moves into it. 

Before I headed out I tried a new bar – Cherry Pie OohMega Organic Food Bar – the same company that makes the KeeRunch bar that I tried last week.  I only ate half of the bar which was very yummy.



For breakfast I made my usual bowl of oat bran.  I am really love a simple yet filling bowl of creamy delight. 



My typical mix of 1/2 cup oat bran, a banana and a 4oz Blue Berry Yo Baby yogurt.

Today is errands, errands and more errands.  I never made it to the grocery store over the weekend and we are out of everything my hubs needs to make a lunch. I will be hitting Target, Trader Joe’s and Stop & Shop.  This morning I went through all my snacky items and sent all the products with soy protein, soy butter and soy flakes to work with Charlie – trust me there was a ton and I couldn’t just toss them in the garbage.  There will be no more Z Bars consumed by this girlie – I am soooo sad – they were my favorite.  No more Kashi granola bars, although the Soft-Baked variety does not have soy protein, so I might still have those once in a while.  I bought a few Larabars yesterday but my goal today is to seek out a few more snack items that I can keep on hand.  I might have to start making homemade granola bars.  Remember my Larabar knockoffs?  I am probably going to make those again too. 

Time to corral my little buckeroo and hit the happy trails.  Have a great day. 


VeggieGirl said...

No worries!! Your race time is still MIGHTY impressive :-)

Good luck with all those errands!!

By the way, I responded to your email - answer back when you have time :-)

K said...

That's still a fabulous time!!

Good luck with your errands - TJs is on my list today too :)

Haleigh said...

You still had a great race time! Have fun running those errands! I wish I had a TJs somewhere close to where I live, but sadly I don't

Lacey Nicole said...

congrats on your race that's a great first-ever 10k time! i hate mix-ups, they happen ALL the time. good for you for going up and straightening it out.

Sammie said...

Yeah, that is what the guy doing the timing said too. It just stinks that it happened at my first race. It would have been exciting to hear my name announced.