Friday, March 27, 2009

Icky Photos

Well for some reason this morning my camera decided to stop working.  Good thing I started to play around with the web camera because that is what I have to resort to in order to share my eats with you.  The pictures are rather icky but I guess it is better than nothing. 

Before heading out to the grocery stores (yes we went to 2 – Trader Joe’s and then Stop & Shop), I had an Organic Cranberry Delight bar.  I found this bar at Hannaford. It is gluten, soy and dairy free AND delicious.



It took us a few hours to get all the shopping done and I still forgot a few things – oops!  When I got home it was immediately time for lunch. I made a big salad – lettuce, broccoli slaw, red, orange and yellow peppers, a hard boiled egg and salsa.  I also had a Swiss sandwich on gluten free bread and some Rice Crisps.  My eyes were not bigger than my stomach – I polished this plate of goodness off without any trouble. 




I finally broke down and bought a container of Medjool dates at Trader Joe’s.



For a little sweet ending to lunch I stuffed 2 dates with some peanut butter.  Thankfully I decided to do that because I was unaware that these beasts come with the pit still in them.  Yeah that would have been a tooth cracker.  I liked that the Medjool dates are super creamy but not too sweet.  The size of one is very impressive compared to the ones I have that come in the pouch.  One Medjool date is the size of my thumb. I am glad that I decided to give them a try.  I know that Charlie will like them too. 




Are you sick of seeing my mug yet?  There is still more to come unless my camera decides to stop taking black pictures.

I hope you are enjoying your day. 


FoodsThatFit said...

I bought those same dates from TJ's, but they were a little mushy, but tasted great cooked into oats :)

Charlie said...

I like your mug. And your can, too!

VeggieGirl said...

Haha you're so fun in your photos :-D

I just got home from Trader Joe's!!

Shannon (The Daily Balance) said...

I MUST TRY Medjool dates!!!!

look so tasty ;)

Anonymous said...

Sammie, you are so cute! I love the posed pictures!!

Anonymous said...

such cute pics!! I love your short hair and hoops! I have long hair but still totally rock the hoops :D