Thursday, March 26, 2009

I took the Early Road

Well my HUGE bowl of oatmeal stayed with me until about 11 – not bad considering the amount of physical activity that I performed this morning.  I was debating on a snack but then decided to take the early lunch road. My services are needed soon so I wanted to be fueled for the kiddies.  I guess that means my afternoon snack might be needed earlier and then an early dinner – ugh!  I am having cravings for another squash for dinner but sadly I don’t have one.  I really can’t explain how delicious that thing was.  Should I stop at the store on my way home just for a squash? I am tempted. 

So I took my sweetie-pa-toot to story hour this morning. It was all about Dr. Seuss.  All the kids got mini coloring books to color at the end. I resisted the urge to get one for myself even though I really wanted one.  I’ll just color his when he is asleep. 

When we got home I made our lunches.  Could I get the boy to eat more than a bowl of yogurt – NO!!! He’ll be Starvin Marvin in no time.  He needs another lesson on whole grains. 

I made myself a more substantial lunch.  I had a yellow pepper and provolone sandwich on gluten free bread. I branched out today with a different color pepper – I think I am in love.  I also had some Rice Crisps – they are kind of like eating air but I’ll admit to liking them.




I needed some more protein so I had a hard boiled egg. And there needed to be some greenery as well so I had a few zucchini sticks.  




I ended with a Banana Bread Larabar. I swear every day I think I have a new favorite flavor.  I’m just going to love them all. 

I have a question for you all.  I have seen the mini Larabars on other blogs but I never in the store.  Do they sell them or are they made strictly for free samples? I would love to be able to buy some.



Ok I am off to be Mary Poppins for the afternoon.  See you tonight.


Anonymous said...

I've only seen the mini Lara's as a sample from races :( I wish they sold them! I always forget out sweet yellow/orange peppers are - nice surprise though!

Have a good afternoon!!

polly said...

I love that starvin marvin boy. I say that all the time... starvin marvin!! =) Happy Marry Poppins and love you, sweet Sammie!!

Great workout and great eats and many hugs... that boiled egg looks yummy, I am totally making one later. xoxo

ps. so happy you got to do yoga with me! I wish it were in PERSON my friend! xoxo

Danielle said...

I totally would have taken a coloring book!

Mariposa said...

love your lunch!

i havent seen any larabars minis in the stores, i wish they would sell them, it would be the perfect size

Anonymous said...

Ah larabars are my favorite lately, every flavor tastes like a dessert!! banana bread.....tastes like actual BANANA BREAD!

Anonymous said...

I have a whole stash at home from my last race and yeah apparently they only give them out at races. Even on the package it says for promotion only and not for individual sale. I wish they would! Perhaps we can start a petition?