Friday, March 13, 2009

Gurgle Gurgle Pop Pop

That is the noise my belly has been making today.  It started this morning but being so used to tummy woes I toughed it out.  Around 10 AM I started to get shaky like I had caffeine (but I knew that I didn’t) and felt rather ill. I sliced an apple and sat in one of my living room chairs while I slowly ate it.  After about 45 minutes the feeling started to go away. I am starting to wonder if I should have eaten the avocado.  It is not a fruit that I usually have and the only thing different that I ate yesterday.  I know that my sissy can’t eat them – they give her a bad tummy ache.  We seem to have the same issues with food.  Even though my belly felt ick, I did start to get rather hungry for lunch a bit early so I just gave in and ate. 

I made a turkey, red pepper and hummus sandwich on a whole wheat English muffin.  It seemed like a safe choice.



I also had 1/2 a cup Greek yogurt, 1/2 cup pumpkin, a few tbsp TJ’s Fiber Twigs and cinnamon.



Lunch ended with a new bar (maybe I shouldn’t have tried something new today).  The KeeRunch! bar is similar to a LARABAR but not as sweet.  I liked it a lot and I definitely would buy it again.  I have another flavor to try so stay tuned for a review of that one. 


HPIM9097 HPIM9098


D and I ran to Sports Authority where I found a nice pair of Nike Running pants.  I also popped into Target to see if I could find a St. Patty’s Day t-shirt but the ones they had left were rather lame.  I might try another Target tomorrow.  Since the race is a St. Patrick’s Day race, I thought I would get decked out for some fun. 

When we got home I had a mini whole wheat pita with PB + J.  Then like we seem to be doing a lot lately, it was out the door again.  This time we went to my sissy’s house.  Yes, that is the third time this week we have hung out, woo hoo!!!  I just love my sis and could spend every day with her. My tummy was still doing the gurgle pop noise so she made me a warm cup of tea. The awesome twosome played while me and my girl chatted.  I was able to sit and relax for a little while but my stomach was still feeling weird. 


HPIM9106 HPIM9109

I got a little hungry even though I had that feeling like I just didn’t want to add to the madness. I ended up having a Kashi bar – small and not too heavy. 


D and I headed home and I made dinner. Seriously all I wanted was something soft.  I cooked 3 tbsp whole grain Cream of Wheat with water, then added a banana and 1/2 cup pumpkin.  I know I already had both of those today but it was really what I needed.  I topped off that mixture with 1/2 a cup 365 Organic Fat Free Vanilla yogurt and 1 tbsp sunflower seed butter.

This bowl of goodness felt so good to my aching belly and really very soothing. 


A little while later I was really in the mood for more vanilla yogurt (I am in a soft food mood this evening).  I  had another 1/2 cup and topped it with a Vita-Top, 1/2 a tbsp PB and a few Cacao Bliss shavings. 


My stomach seems to be settling down now but boy was today exhausting.  I will spare you the details and embarrassing myself.  I think I will lay off the avocado and see how my tummy responds.  I have so many problems with other fruits and veggies, it would not be surprising if it was the culprit.  I did have it in my sushi a few weeks ago but there really wasn’t that much but I do remember my belly not feeling 100 percent – what does that feel like??  I was eating a lot of soy protein then too – Luna bars & Kashi – which seem to be an irritant to my system too.  So no more lovely Luna for a while.  I really do think that soy and Sammie just don’t get along.  Does anyone else have a real problem with soy?  I tried to eat tofu in the past and had to knock that off too.  I have such a hard time adding variety which I feel I should because I have a food blog.  I see other bloggers with all these creative meals with lots of color, texture and jazzy ingredients but I can’t even eat a quarter of what is on their plates.  I don’t want you guys to get bored with my meals – I guess I will just have to make sure D is popping by more often. 

How many of you out there have food issues? If you are willing to share your story I would love to know what you have done to figure out what you can and can’t eat.  I have gone through the whole elimination diet before and boy was that boring. I am starting to think that I added some of the no-no foods back in and my stomach can’t take it. 

Well I am off to relax.  I hope you have a great night.  See you tomorrow. 

Oh I meant to ask, any pre-race breakfast suggestions?  The race is at 11 so I don’t want to have too much in my stomach but I definitely need a good AM fueling.  Thanks guys. 


VeggieGirl said...

As you know, I have Crohn's Disease - I've had EVERY test possible done to me by now, haha. Feel free to email me about it. Please see your doctor if the stomach issues get worse though - don't take any chances!!

K said...

Sorry to hear today was rough on your stomach :( Tummy issues are never fun! I've had issues but nothing to warrant a trip to the doctors so I'm not much of a help.

Glad you liked the new bar! GOOD LUCK TOMORROW!!

DrMom said...

Please don't rule out the possibility that this may be viral in nature. Working with children, as you do at the gym daycare center, exposes you to lots. I know, I work as a school nurse caring for 600 children and my husband is a doctor in a 90% pediatric practice. We have been seeing tons of viral gi problems, self-limiting and short term. Check your temp. If it is above your baseline (99.4 or so) it just could be a mild viral illness. I hope you feel better! And, by the way, I think your meals are great!

All Vegged Out said...

I think it's admirable that you manage to eat healthy food and get in good nutrients despite your stomach issues. Personally, I think it shows some great creativity to plan such healthy, yummy looking and sounding, well rounded meals when you don't have much to work with. Maybe even more creative than those who do the same with a million different available ingredients. No worries, even though I'm a bad commenter, I'm still reading every day :)

Sammie said...

Thanks for all your support. You guys really are #1.

Sammie said...

I somehow lost your e-mail. Can you hook me up with it again? Thanks

Sara said...

I know it's too late for the breakfast suggestion, but a small bowl of oatmeal always works great for me :) I also like Clif Bars and they seem to sit well in my stomach. Hope the race went well!