Friday, March 6, 2009

Get Me to My Pillow

Oh boy, I am so ready to hit the hay. I feel like such an old lady – it isn’t even 8 o’clock yet. That’s just how it goes – this mommy needs her rest.

D was so good today while I cleaned.  Thankfully my brother-in-law has XBOX 360 and D’s favorite Lego Star Wars game.  I felt bad that he had to hang out alone but I was at least within ear shot the entire time. I packed a couple snacks – cleaning = serious hunger.

My favorite Luna bar. 



And an English muffin with Swiss cheese. D took a bite and made the funniest face – I don’t think he is a Swiss cheese fan.



We stopped at Trader Joe’s on the way home.  I haven’t had a box of Puffins for a while so I snagged some Cinnamon ones while shopping today.  When I got home they made an appearance in this beautiful bowl of yumminess. I topped 3/4 cup Greek yogurt with an apple, Cinnamon Puffins and PB.


I had to tidy up around my homestead – I was feeling some grit near the front door – ick!!  I am a mad woman when it comes to my floors – I like them CLEAN!!!  Then there was laundry and dishes to be done.  I finally got to sit down for about an hour – yes, I actually sat.  Then my tummy started to growl – must feed the monster.  I had a Z Bar and a cup of tea.



Not too long after that the D man needed dinner.  Let the dinner time fun begin.  He was a good little doobie and ate all his pasta.  I made my hubs an egg salad and bacon sandwich which was ready and waiting for him when he arrived home from work. 

I also had a hard boiled egg but mine was inside a Flat-Out wrap along with tuna (I used a small pouch/no draining needed variety), a few artichoke bottoms (I needed to get some more veg in today) and lettuce.  I am not a big fan of mayo but tonight I decided my dinner could use the extra fat so I added a tablespoons worth of 365 brand Light Mayo to the tuna before spreading on the wrap.  This guy was delicious.  The mayo actually was good – I might have to use it more often.  I used to use Miracle Whip Light before I had D but then as I started to eliminate HFCS from my diet that went too and I don’t miss it.  I am a huge fan of mustard which is what I usually mix with tuna.  The combo tonight was nice for a little bit of a change. 




You could call this dessert but it was more like a second dinner – it was a BIGGIE!!!  Under that bed of Cinnamon Puffins (there is about a cups worth) was 3/4 cup Nonfat Vanilla yogurt and pumpkin (a little less than 1/2 a cup).  Then I drizzled on a tablespoon of sunflower seed butter.  This filled my tummy nicely. 



After all that it was time to clean my little sweet-tart.  Tonight it was a fast and furious shower – mommy was in no mood to deal with the tub.  He usually hates taking a shower but tonight he was super good about it.  He was really a great little man today.  Let’s hope that continues into the weekend :)

Well I am off to find my pillow and zonk out for the night.  It is supposed to be nice in the AM so my feet will be hitting the pavement before D’s karate class.  I hope you have a great night.  See you tomorrow.


foodsthatfit said...

That last pic with the yogurt,pumpkin, puffins and nut butter looks delicious!

VeggieGirl said...

PUFFINS!!!!!! :-)

Enjoy your restful evening!!

ksgoodeats said...

Haha I laughed at little doobie ;)

That last bowl sounds INCREDIBLE!! Have a great night!

Haleigh said...

Your dessert cereal bowl looks fantastic!!! Mmm.. puffins and nut butter!! :)

Sarah (lovINmytummy) said...

Love all the praise of D! Its such a gift when they have those great days! Bathtime was not as joyful at my house tonight. We had an overwhelming and irrational fear of losing a Barbie bandaid in the hot soapy water. It's tough to be 3 and 1/2.

hk said...

yum!! dessert/dinner 2 looks amazing, that's totally my type of meal haha :)

rest up!! have a great weekend, sammy!