Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Generous with the Honey

Hello bloggies!!!  I hope you had a great day.  D and I went to the book store for story hour this morning.  The theme of the day was Fancy Nancy – yeah, not up D’s alley at all. He was a trooper and tried to enjoy the stories anyway. All the little girls were thrilled. Some even came all dressed up – it was so cute. 

I ate a Raw Crunch bar before we left. 



For lunch I had gluten free cheesy toast (provolone was my cheese of choice this afternoon), a few slices of red pepper and a baked sweet potato.  Of course the sweet potato was COVERED in cinnamon.



I also had my first Oikos yogurt today.  I was thrilled when the company contacted me and asked if I would be willing to do some taste testing.  I chose the Honey flavor today.  Let me tell you, they are generous with the honey in this cup.  It was so creamy and delicious – I LOVED IT!!  Of course I still love my plain Greek yogurt but this was a nice little treat. I would definitely keep a stash of this in my fridge.

I ended lunch with a Coco Loco bar. 



D and I decided it was such a nice day that a bike ride was in order.  I had a quick snack (he did too) and we set out for a little adventure. I had 1/2 a cup Greek yogurt and a Nature’s Promise bar (hooray for these things being gluten free because I really like them).  He rode his bike while I walked beside him.  Of course he needed some help every now and then if he got stuck on a hill or in the sand – the sidewalks are a mess.  I really wish we lived in house with a big long paved driveway – that would be a blast. I could rollerblade and play basketball and he could ride his bike and run around like a mad man to hearts content.  Oh well, we make do with what we have – at least we have a house.



We were out for over an hour and it was so warm in the sun I could have stayed out there longer.  D was hungry and I needed to start dinner.  I made a big salad – lettuce, red & orange pepper, broccoli slaw, hummus, salsa and cottage cheese. I also had 2 rice cakes with all those yummy veggies. 



Dessert was 3 Corn Thins with PB and 2 Medjool dates filled with a little more PB.  I really like the texture of the Corn Thins and they taste just like air popped popcorn.  The best part about them is that they do not crumble like a rice cake – they have a little bit more body to them even though they are thinner.  If you like rice cakes I would highly recommend you give Corn Thins a try.  I found them at Whole Foods in case you want to get some.



My guys are having a little Star Wars battle on the Wii right now.  It is just about time to get my little monkey in bed.  Tomorrow is a “work” day – I know we have a hard job.  The whole 2 hours is so tough. 

I would like to try to get in a little yoga tonight. My left hamstring was feeling tight so I took a few days off from running and it feels 100% better.  I would like to have a good stretch (yoga being my favorite way to do so), so that I can have a decent run in the AM.  I hope you have a great night. See you tomorrow.

Oh yeah – I have been making gluten free bars today. So far my pumpkin seed, sunflower seed, cashew and honey version came out great.  They actually stayed in a bar form.  I just made almond, coconut and honey.  They smell delicious – I hope they stay together when I cut them. I will have one tomorrow and let you see my handy work.  Nothing like getting creative in the kitchen.  Goodnight. 


VeggieGirl said...

Mmm, your homemade gluten-free bars sound divine!!

Sammie said...

I haven't tasted them yet but they look good. I was thrilled that I was able to get all the nuts to stay together with the honey. I am positive they will taste good - all those nuts and honey - can't go wrong with that combo.

Erica said...

OW! I cannot wait to see your homemade bars- I bet they're awesome! Isn't the oikos good? There is tons of honey in each one and I loved every bit of it!!! I am enjoying the pics from the computer- too cute ;)