Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Cheeky’s Chicken Salad

My husband has been calling me Cheeky for almost 9 years now.  One time D and I took a class at the YMCA and the teacher asked him my name and he told her it was Cheeky.

Tonight for dinner I made the best chicken salad. It was filled with sweet and savory flavors that mingled together perfectly.

In the mix was cooked chicken breast, celery, apple, green grapes and Maple Grove Farms All Natural Strawberry Balsamic dressing.  I tossed on a few almonds, pecans and cashews for some extra crunch.  On the side I had a large leaf of lettuce and a whole wheat pita. 



Of course my dessert wasn’t too shabby either.  I had frozen yogurt with a PB drizzle. 



As for the rest of my day, I did indeed reheat some left over pizza for lunch.




I had a few slices of red pepper and a 1/2 cup Greek yogurt & agave.


HPIM8876 HPIM8877 - Copy


I ended lunch with my favorite Z Bar.



After lunch I took D over to Rocco’s house.  I was hoping to get them outside to play in the snow, but they were having a blast pretending to be Star Wars characters indoors.  We were there for most of the afternoon so thankfully I packed a snack – a Detour Runner bar.  This one is SUPER sweet – pretty close to a candy bar. It was good but didn’t stay with me as long as I thought it would.  At least my dinner came together quick enough so that my evil hungry monster didn’t break loose. 


HPIM8881 - Copy

I am up way later than I would like to be, oh well.  I already have my gym cloths ready for the morning – I always prep my stuff the night before.  Time to find my honey and crawl into our nice warm bed. 

Good night!


Erica said...

How good does your dinner look? I just had to remove the drool from my keyboard

Anonymous said...

haha! You must compile a book- or at a least a blog post, of D's funny comments...he's got some good one-liners :D

seeleelive (for the love of peanut butter) said...

chicken salad sounds delicious!!!! i had icecream tonight too, and pb is the best addition!

MizFit said...

off topic but ON.
I love nicknames like that. we have em up in herre and I saw a study the other day saying that marriages WITH THEM (with a secret language) last far longer!

VeggieGirl said...

Aww cute nickname :-D


Rose said...

Aw, Cheeky. That's a really cute story.