Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Best Buddies

I am almost positive if you asked D who his best buddy is he would say Rocco.  Today they got to hang out from 11 till 4 and the two of them did not fight once.  Occasionally they have a little tiff but are good about making up.  I think either Thursday or Friday Rocco is going to come over our house – he has been asking my sissy for days now to visit. 

Before we left the house I had a snack which held me over till about 1 – that is a pretty long time for my tummy. I had a banana and a piece of whole wheat bread and 1/2 a tbsp PB.


My packed lunch was an English muffin, Swiss and red peppers.




1/2 cup cottage cheese and Cinnamon Puffins.




For an afternoon snack I had a Detour bar.




We made it home with a few minutes to settle in before I had to fix dinner.  I made myself a salad with left over chicken breast.  The other goodies on my plate – lettuce, red pepper, zucchini, pumpkin and hummus.



With my salad I had a pita filled with a piece of melted string cheese.




Tonight was a “messy” kind of night.  In this scrumptious bowl was a few tbsp each vanilla yogurt & plain Greek yogurt, unsweetened applesauce, TJ’s High Fiber Twigs, Cinnamon Puffins, sunflower seed butter and Cacao Bliss.  Every bit was delicious. 



Tomorrow we are heading to babysit in the AM but nothing else on the agenda.  I feel like this week is flying by – maybe it is the time change?  I hope you all had a great day and enjoy the rest of your evening.  See you tomorrow. 


VeggieGirl said...

Puffins!! Mess!! Holy yum :-)

Good luck babysitting!!

Erica said...

That is so wonderful that D and Rocco get along so well! Just means you get to spend more time with your sis!Good eats today. I bet the comobo of english muffin/swiss/red peppers is awesome :) This week does feel like its flying by! Have a good night :)

carolinebee said...

that is awesome that they are best buds :D My cousin and i are one year apart, and we grew up together and obvi had our tiffs but we got over them really fast! It's so great to have family as best friends, and now 'm gonna be in her wedding this weekend!!

hk said...

mmm the mess= the best! glad your boys are having so much fun together- sounds too cute!! good luck babysitting tomorrow, you're super woman!!

K said...

My cousin and I were born 9 months apart and we used to fight like cats and dogs!!

That English muffin sandwich and last messy bowl - delicious!

kate said...

Hi Sammie,
I have been reading your blog for awhile now and love to see all your running workouts and eats! I think we live pretty close to each other...I go to PR running in Westboro too!!!
Do you know of any local running clubs around?

Sammie said...

I really don't know of any. I think that the owner of PR is involved with a runner's club. A woman that works there goes to my gym and I remember her mentioning a weekly run. You should try to talk to him, I bet he knows of a few. Let me know if you find one, I might try to do a group run every now and then.

HeatherBakes said...

Hey- I bought the Shred DVD yesterday!! I'm going to try it in a little while and will give you a report.