Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Another Gorgeous Afternoon

Today was another gorgeous day – oh how I love to see the sun. My sis called this morning to see what me and my Irish boy had planned for the day. I actually decided that the new sneakers that I got were making my shins hurt. The heel was slightly elevated and started to bother me. I thought that they felt a little odd but tried to run it out – well that was not happening. I didn’t run today and they still made my legs feel off. The manager of the store was so sweet and let me exchange them for a different pair. I am telling you, the best place to buy running sneakers is a place that specializes in it. Right next door is a health food store that sells lots of gluten & soy free products which my sis has to buy for Rocco (he eats a gluten free diet) and herself (she can’t eat soy either). She has been wanting to check the place out so she picked D and I up and we all headed out together.

I snacked on a Nature’s Promise bar while chatting on the phone this morning.


My sis actually picked us up around noon time so I packed this swiss & red pepper pita to eat in the car.

I exchanged my sneakers and then we hit the health food store. She was so excited to find gluten free ice cream cones, chocolate glazed donuts, hot dog rolls and tons more. My nephew can actually enjoy some “kid food” again.


She dropped me & D off at home, we had a quick bite to eat and then went to her house to play outside for the rest of the afternoon. I made a quick salad – lettuce, butternut squash, hummus, brown rice and zucchini.


I finished my lunch with apricots, a prune, figs and raw cashews.


We hung out in the fresh air the entire time we were at their house. It was so nice to enjoy another afternoon outdoors. I packed a Larabar for my afternoon snack.


D and I headed home so that I could make dinner and give him a shower with out feeling crunched for time. I used a new loaf of bread that I bought today that is gluten free, wheat free, dairy free and soy free. I am trying to play around with the wheat in my diet too – not sure if that is agreeing with me either. The small pita at lunch might have made my belly gurgle but it could still be trying to deal with all the soy I was bombarding it with.


I made an egg and red pepper sandwich on the Light Tapioca bread. I didn’t mind the texture and the flavor was pretty mild. My sissy has tried this brand of bread for Rocco before and recommended it. I am just happy to be able to have a sandwich without getting a stomach ache. On the side I apple slices and zucchini sticks.


For dessert I made a Cinnamon Puffin parfait with plain Greek yogurt, strawberry preserves and PB.


This evening I did the Level 2 workout from Jillian’s 30 Day Shred since I didn’t do weights at the gym this morning. Man those 20 minutes FLY by. I really love that level – all the plank exercises really make my core feel strong.

Today when I got home from my sis’s house there was a little package at my front door. I got my Pile On The Miles prizes. Thanks Bobbi for all my great stuff.


I can’t believe it is already 9 o’clock. I am all ready to head to bed. Tomorrow is a babysitting day so I really need some extra R&R this evening. I hope you had a great day. See you tomorrow.


VeggieGirl said...

Hooray for being able to exchange the shoes and for a great package!!

Rose said...

Wow - definitely a great package of goods there.