Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Generous with the Honey

Hello bloggies!!!  I hope you had a great day.  D and I went to the book store for story hour this morning.  The theme of the day was Fancy Nancy – yeah, not up D’s alley at all. He was a trooper and tried to enjoy the stories anyway. All the little girls were thrilled. Some even came all dressed up – it was so cute. 

I ate a Raw Crunch bar before we left. 



For lunch I had gluten free cheesy toast (provolone was my cheese of choice this afternoon), a few slices of red pepper and a baked sweet potato.  Of course the sweet potato was COVERED in cinnamon.



I also had my first Oikos yogurt today.  I was thrilled when the company contacted me and asked if I would be willing to do some taste testing.  I chose the Honey flavor today.  Let me tell you, they are generous with the honey in this cup.  It was so creamy and delicious – I LOVED IT!!  Of course I still love my plain Greek yogurt but this was a nice little treat. I would definitely keep a stash of this in my fridge.

I ended lunch with a Coco Loco bar. 



D and I decided it was such a nice day that a bike ride was in order.  I had a quick snack (he did too) and we set out for a little adventure. I had 1/2 a cup Greek yogurt and a Nature’s Promise bar (hooray for these things being gluten free because I really like them).  He rode his bike while I walked beside him.  Of course he needed some help every now and then if he got stuck on a hill or in the sand – the sidewalks are a mess.  I really wish we lived in house with a big long paved driveway – that would be a blast. I could rollerblade and play basketball and he could ride his bike and run around like a mad man to hearts content.  Oh well, we make do with what we have – at least we have a house.



We were out for over an hour and it was so warm in the sun I could have stayed out there longer.  D was hungry and I needed to start dinner.  I made a big salad – lettuce, red & orange pepper, broccoli slaw, hummus, salsa and cottage cheese. I also had 2 rice cakes with all those yummy veggies. 



Dessert was 3 Corn Thins with PB and 2 Medjool dates filled with a little more PB.  I really like the texture of the Corn Thins and they taste just like air popped popcorn.  The best part about them is that they do not crumble like a rice cake – they have a little bit more body to them even though they are thinner.  If you like rice cakes I would highly recommend you give Corn Thins a try.  I found them at Whole Foods in case you want to get some.



My guys are having a little Star Wars battle on the Wii right now.  It is just about time to get my little monkey in bed.  Tomorrow is a “work” day – I know we have a hard job.  The whole 2 hours is so tough. 

I would like to try to get in a little yoga tonight. My left hamstring was feeling tight so I took a few days off from running and it feels 100% better.  I would like to have a good stretch (yoga being my favorite way to do so), so that I can have a decent run in the AM.  I hope you have a great night. See you tomorrow.

Oh yeah – I have been making gluten free bars today. So far my pumpkin seed, sunflower seed, cashew and honey version came out great.  They actually stayed in a bar form.  I just made almond, coconut and honey.  They smell delicious – I hope they stay together when I cut them. I will have one tomorrow and let you see my handy work.  Nothing like getting creative in the kitchen.  Goodnight. 


D was all set to be in the big photo this morning. He is getting used to my new routine and as soon as he saw my bowl hit the table he ask me if he could be in the picture.  I love the big “cheeeeese” grin.  He wanted to include some of his Lego Star Wars characters in the shot too.  He has been carrying these guys around everywhere. 



My breakfast this morning was 3/4 cup oatmeal cooked with water.  I let it cool down before adding 1/2 a cup of plain Greek yogurt and a big frosting of PB2.  I tried the original flavor today.  All I did was mix 2 tablespoons of the PB2 powder with water.  It drizzled nicely over my big old bowl of oaty goodness. I like the original better than the chocolate but I will still eat both.  I also had a sliced apple.  I bought some organic Braeburn apples at Whole Foods yesterday and boy was this guy sweet. 

D and I are going to story hour at Barnes & Noble in a little while.  He has been enjoying this weekly activity and so have I.  All the kids that attend have such a blast. I am so happy that the bookstore offers this and it doesn’t cost anything.  They always do some sort of craft afterwards which is also free.  Time to get my little pumpkin pie dressed. Have a great day.

Monday, March 30, 2009

He loves Star Wars

Hello blog friends.  I hope you all had a great start to your week.  Rocco called this afternoon and asked if we would go over – how could I say no? I packed up my little sweet tart and off we went.  I had a nice visit with my sissy and the awesome twosome played Star Wars the entire time.  They pretend to be characters and run around battling the bad guys.  It is actually very cute to witness. I packed a Mrs. Mays Blueberry Trio bar for a snack.  It was very yummy.

It was a nice evening at our house since daddy was home to enjoy dinner with us.  I had a gluten free tortilla filled with lettuce, red pepper and chicken breast. 


I also had a cottage cheese stuffed sweet potato which was doused in cinnamon. 




My guys were in the mood for some ice cream (we are all out) and I needed some things at Whole Foods so we headed to the store.  They had their frosty treat and I had a little dessert plate.  I received a few samples of PB2 in the mail today and decided to incorporate some into my goodies this evening.  I mixed 2 tablespoons of the Chocolate PB2 powder with water and used it as frosting on my 3 Corn Thins (they are like rice cakes only thinner and make of corn – obviously).  I also had a sliced golden delicious apple.  The PB2 was quite yummy. I am looking forward to trying the original flavor. 



D wanted to be in the picture with his Lego Star Wars dudes.  I think he likes seeing himself on the computer.  I love that smile. 




My sweeties are finished with the bed time stories so it is time to tuck the little monkey in. Have a great night.  See you tomorrow. 

Tooth Ache

Sorry for the delay in posting.  My hubs had a dentist appointment this morning and I wanted to go just in case he needed  a tooth pulled.  Fortunately he did not (yet anyway) but he does need to have some dental work done.  I was rushing around to get out the door with him this morning so there was no time to post before we left. 

I had a big bowl of oatmeal when I got home from the gym. The famous monstrous mix of 3/4 cup oats cooked with water, a banana and a YoKids raspberry yogurt.  I couldn’t wait to dig in. The half of an Enjoy Life bar that I ate at 4:30 had definitely left the building by this time. 



I had a Pure Bar as my AM snack.  This was good but I have actually been enjoying the more nutty and crunchy bars lately. 



Lunch was a salad – broccoli slaw, red, yellow & orange peppers, salsa and hummus.



I also melted a piece of provolone cheese on gluten free bread.  On the side I had some Rice Crisps and a goofy husband. 



I ended lunch with another Better Whey yogurt – my lunch could use a little more protein.  This was the Acai Mixed Berry flavor.  It was quite tangy but not overly so.  I love the texture of this yogurt.  I am curious to see if the extra protein (15 grams) makes a difference as to when I will get hungry again.  I usually need a snack around 3 sometimes earlier.  I am so glad that to have the opportunity to try such a unique product. 



We are having another cruddy day – rain, rain go away.  I want to see the sun.  I hope you are having a great Monday.  See you later.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

I Survived

The Bridal Shower I had to attend today was not too bad. The bride-to-be ripped through the wrapping like a champ so it didn’t drag that bad. The best part of going was being able to see my niece. I think she was wishing that she didn’t go even more than me – she was sooooo bored. 

Here is a quick recap of the eats for the day.  I am still without a camera and I will not be getting the new one until Wednesday.  Until then you will just have to see lots of me. 

Breakfast was a big bowl of oatmeal (3/4 cup cooked with water), a banana, 0% plain Greek yogurt and lots of cinnamon. Yes I am a sweat ball in this photo. I needed to eat as soon as I got home.  I made a trip into Stop & Shop after the gym and I was STARVING by the time I was done. 



I ate an early lunch since I was going to the shower.  I had gluten free bread with red pepper and melted provolone cheese, a hard boiled egg, Nut Thin Crackers, zucchini, more red pepper and hummus.




I also had a Coco Loco Enjoy Life bar. 




I packed this yummy granola bar for an afternoon snack.  I ate it when I left the bridal shower.  It was really good – I will definitely have to get more of this brand. It is actually from Hannaford’s organic line of products.




For dinner I baked an acorn squash and then filled it with cottage cheese, almond butter and cinnamon.  I had 2 rice cakes with this half. 




I also ate the other half filled with a little more cottage cheese and cinnamon. That is one more rice cake – I was super hungry. 

D was happy to make a blog appearance.



And so was Charlie. The plate contains my dessert – 2 Medjool dates with peanut butter.  My honey admitted to eating my beloved dates today – he’s really loving them too. He made quite a dent in the package. There may be a date brawl going down at my homestead. 




Here are a few extra pictures.  I didn’t even have to ask for a kiss – he’s just that sweet.



Mommy giving back a little loving.  




That’s about all for tonight.  I hope you had a great weekend.  See you tomorrow. 


Well it is raining outside (it was predicted) and I am not really in the mood to get soaked so I will be heading out to the gym in a few minutes.  It is actually not a bad thing because I can hit up Stop & Shop on the way home. 

I just ate 1/2 an Enjoy Life bar for a little pre-workout snackie.  It is a wee bit on the small side but it will do the trick for now.




Have a great morning.  I'm off to get the blood pumping. 

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Pizza Stone Primer

When Cookware.com asked if I would be interested in running a guest post by them on the subject on kitchen gadgets, the first thing that came to my mind was my pizza stone. I use my well-seasoned pizza stone at least several times a week, and not just for pizza. Today I did, in fact, make Charlie a Trader Joe’s Roasted Veggie Pizza on it, but I often use it for making pita chips, veggie fries, reheating leftovers and baking bread. So what follows below is their introduction to the topic.  I hope you enjoy it, and if you do in fact own a pizza stone what do you like to use yours for?

Pizza Stones: The Versatile Kitchen Accessory

Shopping for a cookware set or a dinnerware collection can prove to be overwhelming once you’ve hit a few department and specialty stores in town. The different sized pots and pans, patterned plates, and infinite amount of cooking gadgets can make anyone feel frustrated which is why it’s important to map out a few must-have items to stock your space and help make your next meal a delicious one. With that being said, the pizza stone is one accessory that will make you wonder how you ever managed to cook a meal in the oven without it! This earthenware or ceramic platform is a wonderful cooking tool to use while preparing pizzas, baking cookies, or even reheating leftovers.

The clay or ceramic material does a fantastic job at absorbing excess moisture while in the oven, allowing you to make the crispiest of pizza, pita chips, or appetizers for your next dinner event or party. Not only will the stone’s material aid in your meals’ crispness but it will also help to maintain and distribute your oven’s heat evenly throughout the entire baking process. A popular way to cut down on cleanup is to sprinkle the pizza stone with cornmeal or breadcrumbs to provide a buffer and avoid food from sticking to the stone’s surface. In addition to cooking pizza or baking fresh bread, many pizza stone owners have used it to prepare sandwiches, roast garlic bulbs, or dry out fresh herbs picked from their garden for future meals.

Since the pizza stone will be spending a lot of time in a highly heated oven, it’s important to treat it appropriately before each use to prevent cracking from the intense change of temperature. Place the cold earthenware or ceramic stone in a cold oven on the lowest rack and allow the stone to preheat as your oven heats to the desired temperature. In terms of cleaning, these stones absorb everything including soap so it’s important to keep this in mind before putting any cleaning products on the surface. If you get to the point where cleaning is necessary, submerge the stone in clean, warm water for 15 minutes and place on a drying rack overnight.

Whey Good

Hello my blog friends. I hope your day is going well.  The sun is shining here in good old Massachusetts so all is good. 

This morning I ran a glorious 11 miles and I didn’t even need to wear a hat.  I think it was like 40 degrees – watch out heat wave. 

When I got home I immediately needed to make breakfast – we needed to be out the door by 8:30.  I whipped up a large bowl of oatmeal – 3/4 cup oats cooked with water, 1/2 a banana and a Banilla YoKids yogurt.

Yes I am scrubalicious in this picture – cut me some slack I just ran 11 miles. 



I made a banana sandwich with the other 1/2 of my banana – it is the famous PB & B. 



The lovely people at Better Whey sent me three of their yogurts to try.  I packed the Peach Mango flavor to have as a snack after D’s karate class.  I love the texture of this yogurt. It was not quite as thick as Greek style but close.  Also this flavor was tangy and not overly sweet.  You all know how much I love the tanginess of plain yogurt so I was pleasantly surprised by this one which is a sweetened yogurt.  It has less sugar than regular sweetened yogurts and a whopping 15 grams of protein.  I would can not wait to try the other flavors – this stuff is “Whey Good”.



We made our usual Border’s stop on the way home from karate.  I could spend hours in the book store – actually I have.  We also had to stop at Target for a few necessities. 

Lunch was made as soon as I got home.  I made a salad – lettuce, broccoli slaw, red pepper and salsa.  I melted a piece of swiss cheese and a piece of provolone cheese on gluten free bread. I also had a few Rice Crisps. 



I ended lunch with 2 Medjool dates stuffed with almond butter.  As you can see I am developing as addiction to these beasties and I am not looking so sweaty – I managed to clean up before leaving the house this morning.  No make-up today – I am going all natural which is how I am most of the time. 



Now I must tend to my house and piles of laundry sitting in front of the washing machine.  I hope you have an awesome day.  See you later.

Are you up yet??

I am and I am all fueled to run, run, run.  Okay, here I am  O”Natural at 5:30 in the morning. Thankfully I am not sporting a really bad case of bead head.  I do look a little dazed but trust me I am awake. 



This bar is yummy and a little chewy.  Enjoy Life you really do make it easy to enjoy life gluten free. 

After my run I need to boogy woogy and get my little man to karate so I’ll see you later.  I like living life in the high speed lane. 

Have a great day. 

Friday, March 27, 2009

No Luck

Sorry no luck on the camera front so you get more of ME.  Charlie thinks that it is hosed. How can a food blogger function without her camera?  The web cam is fine while I am at home but if I need to take a picture when I am out then I am out of luck.  Luckily I don’t eat out that much and now with my new diet I will probably eat out even less. 

Tonight I made another sweet potato. The one last night was so good that I just really wanted another.  I actually baked it in the oven tonight – I planned ahead. It tasted even sweeter and the flesh was super soft.  Don’t get me wrong, the microwave is good if I am crunched for time but baked in the oven is WAY better.  I topped it with LOTS of cinnamon and 1/2 a cup cottage cheese.  Also in the bowl – 2 rice cakes.  I smeared the creamy goodness on them like frosting – it was mighty yummy.  See I can handle the rice cakes as long as they are not naked. Plus they are friends with my tummy.



Dessert was 2 more stuffed Medjool dates. This time it was almond butter. I think I am in love with these monsters.  They really are the perfect dessert, especially to this gluten free mama.



So that is the last you will see of me tonight.  Beware I will be back tomorrow. I might get lucky and get a new camera but I am not really sure what the hubs plan is.  I have a camera phone but it doesn’t take very good pictures either. 

Tonight I am going to be an old lady an go to bed early so I can run my heart out in the AM. It is supposed to be nice tomorrow morning and I want to take advantage of it.  Sunday is not looking so good, it is supposed to rain.  I hope you have a great night.  See you tomorrow. 

Icky Photos

Well for some reason this morning my camera decided to stop working.  Good thing I started to play around with the web camera because that is what I have to resort to in order to share my eats with you.  The pictures are rather icky but I guess it is better than nothing. 

Before heading out to the grocery stores (yes we went to 2 – Trader Joe’s and then Stop & Shop), I had an Organic Cranberry Delight bar.  I found this bar at Hannaford. It is gluten, soy and dairy free AND delicious.



It took us a few hours to get all the shopping done and I still forgot a few things – oops!  When I got home it was immediately time for lunch. I made a big salad – lettuce, broccoli slaw, red, orange and yellow peppers, a hard boiled egg and salsa.  I also had a Swiss sandwich on gluten free bread and some Rice Crisps.  My eyes were not bigger than my stomach – I polished this plate of goodness off without any trouble. 




I finally broke down and bought a container of Medjool dates at Trader Joe’s.



For a little sweet ending to lunch I stuffed 2 dates with some peanut butter.  Thankfully I decided to do that because I was unaware that these beasts come with the pit still in them.  Yeah that would have been a tooth cracker.  I liked that the Medjool dates are super creamy but not too sweet.  The size of one is very impressive compared to the ones I have that come in the pouch.  One Medjool date is the size of my thumb. I am glad that I decided to give them a try.  I know that Charlie will like them too. 




Are you sick of seeing my mug yet?  There is still more to come unless my camera decides to stop taking black pictures.

I hope you are enjoying your day. 

Made Up

Good morning and Happy Friday!  Are you all ready for the weekend or what? Sorry for the late post, I was taking care of some laundry and then playing with the web camera (you will see in a sec). It is the first time that I have used it since getting my computer.  It is actually a pretty cool feature.

It is supposed to be a rather warm day here and by that I mean almost 60 – WHOO HOO!!!!  I would much rather it be in the 80’s – soon enough.

I was at the gym this morning at my usual time.  I ate 1/2 this gluten free bar for some AM fuel. 

At the gym I ran 8 miles – 65 minutes and 55 seconds. I’ll take it seeing as it was on the treadmill.  I ended my workout with some weight training.



For breakfast I made another whopper.  I cooked 3/4 cup oatmeal with water and 2 tablespoons hemp protein.  I then added chunks of banana, 1/2 cup Greek yogurt (plain for all who don’t know me yet) and lots of cinnamon.  MMMMMMMMM!!!! Now that hit the spot. 



So I actually put on make-up today. This mommy never wears make-up. I might put a little on during the weekend like once a month.  Sometimes I put on a little mascara but not regularly.  I decided to test out the web camera and let you all see my handy work for yourselves. 

Now by make-up I mean eye shadow and mascara – that’s all my skin can handle. I even put on jewelry for you. 

Here is my monster mug of tea. 


And it is soooooo good.  Today I had Bigelow Decaf French Vanilla which I always drink straight up.



What is that - D calling me?? Oh yes, mommy is needed.



I might try to get my grocery shopping out of the way today. I have that bridal shower on Sunday (I swear I am staying an hour and then sneaking out).

I hope you have a great day.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Sweet Like Pie

Well I this afternoon went rather well.  I was able to take the kiddies outside – of course I was freezing, it was only 50 degrees. (Ok, I am back now – I know you had no idea I was gone. I am flying solo this evening and I was just summoned upstairs.  D is having a tough time falling asleep and I have no idea why. He actually nodded off for about 10 minutes on the drive home from my sis’s house this evening so I know he is beat. Hopefully that is the last time my presence is needed – I have already been up and down the stairs a dozen times.) Anyway, the 5 of us played on Mackenzie & Rocco’s tire swing. The boys pretended it was their Star Wars ship. Yes, they are a bit obsessed with Star Wars these days.  The kids plated so well together which made my job extremely easy. 

My lunch held me over pretty well and I didn’t need to break into my snack as early as I thought. I packed a YoKids yogurt and a Nature’s Promise Trail Mix bar for a snack which I ate at 3:30 (give or take a few minutes). 




I made it home around 5:30 and my tummy was absolutely ready for some dinner.  Thankfully I was able to whip up a quickie for the D man and myself.  I popped a sweet potato in the microwave and cooked it until it was super soft.  I stuffed it with 1/2 a cup cottage cheese, cinnamon and a Nature’s Promise Organic Granola Honey Roasted Snack bar. The snack bar contained oats, honey, raisins, almonds (I swear there was only one present) and crisp brown rice. Hooray for another great wheat free bar.  It was delicious and my potato concoction was sweet like pie. 



I also had a side of pepper and zucchini sticks that I drizzled with a little Maple Grove Farms dressing.




For dessert I had 2 rice cakes with PB and chopped dates.  Sweet and simple. 




So far so good – he must be in la-la land now. I was thinking about reading tonight but I have very little confidence that I will last long.  My hubs will probably get home very late so I am not waiting up.  I am sure he will wake me up when he comes in – I am a VERY LIGHT sleeper. 

I hope you all had a great day.  See you tomorrow.

I took the Early Road

Well my HUGE bowl of oatmeal stayed with me until about 11 – not bad considering the amount of physical activity that I performed this morning.  I was debating on a snack but then decided to take the early lunch road. My services are needed soon so I wanted to be fueled for the kiddies.  I guess that means my afternoon snack might be needed earlier and then an early dinner – ugh!  I am having cravings for another squash for dinner but sadly I don’t have one.  I really can’t explain how delicious that thing was.  Should I stop at the store on my way home just for a squash? I am tempted. 

So I took my sweetie-pa-toot to story hour this morning. It was all about Dr. Seuss.  All the kids got mini coloring books to color at the end. I resisted the urge to get one for myself even though I really wanted one.  I’ll just color his when he is asleep. 

When we got home I made our lunches.  Could I get the boy to eat more than a bowl of yogurt – NO!!! He’ll be Starvin Marvin in no time.  He needs another lesson on whole grains. 

I made myself a more substantial lunch.  I had a yellow pepper and provolone sandwich on gluten free bread. I branched out today with a different color pepper – I think I am in love.  I also had some Rice Crisps – they are kind of like eating air but I’ll admit to liking them.




I needed some more protein so I had a hard boiled egg. And there needed to be some greenery as well so I had a few zucchini sticks.  




I ended with a Banana Bread Larabar. I swear every day I think I have a new favorite flavor.  I’m just going to love them all. 

I have a question for you all.  I have seen the mini Larabars on other blogs but I never in the store.  Do they sell them or are they made strictly for free samples? I would love to be able to buy some.



Ok I am off to be Mary Poppins for the afternoon.  See you tonight.