Friday, February 13, 2009

The Way to My Man’s Heart

This is in fact the perfect way to please my man.  The way to his heart is to give him a big load of chocolate in the form of Whiskey Truffles.   I rolled them in chopped lightly salted cashews, unsweetened cocoa powder and then I left a few plain.  He sampled a few – I think one of each – after dinner.  He commented on how outstanding they are – I will take his word for it. I tend to not be a big fan of truffles even though I do like chocolate.  Besides I had to use dairy that was not organic when I made these – he doesn’t have a problem with it. 




For dinner tonight I made chicken. I was actually in the mood for it. I bought a package the other day that complies with my dietary guidelines.  All natural, no hormones added and nicely trimmed of all the yucky stuff (I hate to handle raw chicken so it must be neat when I buy it or I get grossed out.)



I made a mustard sauce with agave, mustard and rosemary.  After browning the chicken in a pan that was sprayed with nonstick spray I brushed on 3 tablespoons worth of the sauce.  It was really tasty and my hubs liked it too.  On the side we had quinoa (mine was seasoned with cumin and cinnamon) and sweet potato rounds.  To make the sweet potatoes, I cut 2 small sweet potatoes into slices and put them in a bowl.  I drizzled on 1/2 a tablespoon of olive oil and tossed to evenly coat.  I preheated my pizza stone to 350 and then placed the rounds on it to get nice and golden brown.  They cooked for about 45 minutes and got super sweet during the process.



For dessert I had a TJ’s mini soy cream sandwich topped with 1/2 a tablespoon of peanut butter.  The soy cream in this bad boy is so creamy.  It is a nice little treat to have when you need a little something sweet at the end of the meal. 



I am really hoping that I can get outside early tomorrow and go for a run before I have to take D to karate.  I think it will be chilly but there shouldn’t be any ice to worry about.   I’m off to read in bed before lights out – not really sure how munch longer I am going to last.  Have a wonderful evening.  See you tomorrow.


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Erica said...

They look great! Nice work! I hate to handle chicken too so I buy the big packs and then do all the trimming and freeze individual portions!

Charlie said...

Indeed the truffles are awesome. Homemade ones certainly trump just about any store-bought ones you can name. Plus you can really taste the whiskey!