Friday, February 27, 2009

Store Brands

As you all probably know by now, I do most of my grocery shopping at Stop & Shop and Trader Joe’s.  I have recently noticed that Stop & Shop is coming out with more of their store brand organic products which they call Nature’s Promise.  It is so great to see these products at a reasonable price too.  Since I need to buy only organic dairy and dairy that does not contain added growth hormones I find my dairy choices to be limited at Stop & Shop – that’s why I go to TJ’s.  I have been buying the same things for my guys too – I don’t want to give them junky products either.  So far D doesn’t have any skin issues and I would like to keep it that way.  My reaction to such products came out later in my life but I figure why wait to switch him over. I have been giving him organic yogurt for over a year now and he actually likes it.  I always give him vanilla and let him either add a little honey or maple syrup to it.  Sometimes he likes to add Honey Cinnamon Sugar instead of the liquid sweetener.  What are your feelings on the organic product that are offered at your local super markets?  Are they super expensive?  I know that at Hannaford a small container of organic cottage cheese is almost 6 bucks – yikes! That doesn’t fit into my budget.  I very rarely shop there but sometimes I pop in to the one near the gym because they have a great selection of nutrition bars – you all know my love for them. 

For breakfast this morning I decided to try one of the Nature’s Promise Organic 6oz Vanilla yogurt cups.  I have been buying these for my hubs – they also have blueberry, strawberry, chocolate and I think I saw peach too.  He can’t eat anything peach (he’s allergic) and I haven’t bought the chocolate. 

The vanilla one was quite good.  I am such a huge fan of plain yogurt that when I eat a flavored flavor the sweetness can be over powering.  I didn’t find it to be the case with this one.  It was very smooth and not too runny.  I like the thickness of Greek yogurt much better but this was a nice change up. 




I also had a toasted English muffin topped with 1/2 a tablespoon of peanut butter.  For some fruity goodness I had a beloved banana.  I added a few slices to the English muffin during consumption. 



D and I have a full day planned.  After the gym we will be heading to his friend Henry’s house for lunch. Tonight D and I are going to visit my in-law’s.  I am pretty sure we are having dinner with them.  I hope you all have a great Friday. 


VeggieGirl said...

Hooray for TJ's!!

Love the smiley-face breakfast :-)

Enjoy your full Friday!!!

Erica said...

Stop and Shop is a great store! I use to enjoy shopping there when I lived up in New England. Publix is also starting to have a lot more store brand choices, even organic! Some of them are very good! Have a great day :)

foodsthatfit said...

I have noticed the grocery stores coming out with lines of healthier products that are less expensive. It is about time! I love Trader Joe's and will miss it when we move!

HangryPants said...

I am really pleased with the Nature's Promise organic line. When I was in R.I. I shopped there most of the time. Now in N.J. I've been trying out other stores, but honestly, Stop & Shop has the best organic offerings.

vektor said...

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