Thursday, February 12, 2009

Running Out of Options

I swear I have the pickiest child on the planet. He is refusing to eat breakfast this morning. He used to eat really healthy cereals – Whole Wheat Chex, Weetabix, Heart 2 Heart, Puffins (all flavors) and any kind of Whole Wheat Flake cereal. He stopped eating cereal because he doesn’t like it to get soggy and he will not eat it straight. He is a huge waffle fan but I ran out of TJ’s Whole Grain waffles yesterday morning. Last night I made waffles with my waffle maker and Hodgson Mill Insta-Bake Mix. He ate one of the waffles last night and I froze the other 3 hoping that I could get him to eat them as well. Nope, he won’t eat one this morning. I know that I could offer him bacon and he would happily eat a whole pound of it without one complaint. I am not willing to do that – I want my child to have healthy eating habits. I am proud to say that at 4 years old my child has never even eaten Mc Donald’s or Burger King. It really isn’t hard to avoid those places as he hates french fries and chicken but will occasionally eat a burger with daddy. When he does get a burger I would much rather it come from a place that uses a better quality meat and avoid the whole fast food scene.

OK, back to this morning. He said that he would eat a mini bagel – I have a pack in the freezer because I don’t eat them that often. I toasted it and put a little Earth Balance on it. He took one look at it and groaned – not a good sign. I will not let him play the computer or watch TV until he has breakfast – I know what a meany. What am I going to feed this kid. I was very picky as a child but I would at least eat peanut butter and jelly. Not my kid – he hates PB. Who doesn’t like PB? I have even offered him a Fluffernutter – pure sugar, I know, but I am running out of options. He refused that too. I need to bribe him I guess. Maybe I could temp him with one piece of bacon. What is it with bacon? Am I the only one who doesn’t go gaga over the stuff? I wouldn’t even buy the fake stuff or turkey bacon – it just doesn’t do anything for me. Is there even any nutrients in it? I’ll let you know what I finally get him to eat.

Onto my eats. I have no problem finding something for myself for breakfast - as long as I have hot cereal on hand I am good to go. Today I cooked oat bran with water, then added pumpkin and cottage cheese. I drizzled a teaspoons worth of agave nectar over the top along with a few roasted unsalted peanuts.


Yes I have tried to give D oatmeal but he is not a fan. I just made him a packet of Kashi Golden Brown Maple flavor a few weeks ago and he didn’t like it. That stuff is awesome and sweet – I really thought that he would like it. Maybe some day he will have a broader variety of eats – until then I am stuck with the challenge.

This afternoon I am heading to my sissy’s house to watch my nephew for her. I am not sure if I will post before I leave or not. I will be back with the recap of our day at some point. I hope you have a great day. At least the weekend is in sight.


I did go to the gym at 5 this morning. My workout consisted of 30 min. Elliptical w/moving handles, 40 min. on the Recumbent bike (11 miles) and weights. It was a sweaty one and felt oh so good.


VeggieGirl said...

Sounds like my nephews ;-) Hang in there with the food options!!

Heather McD (Heather Eats Almond Butter) said...

Hey Sammie, you could try all natural turkey bacon for D. It you buy the nitrate free kind, it's actually pretty healthy. His pickiness will lessen over time...I think. :) Hang in there. I'm still having issues with his dislike for PB!

Your morning bowl of oat bran looked perfect. Love the crunchy peanuts on top!

Anonymous said...

My first child was exactly like that..she would only eat grilled cheese or nothing at all:(
She grew out of it at about 7, and started making cooking easier for's tough!!
Good Luck today~You're a Great Mom!!

:) Sandy

Charlie said...

Ahhh, when he get hungry enough he'll eat.

And sorry hon, but bacon rocks.

ksgoodeats said...

If it makes you feel any better I used to be REALLY picky but now I eat everything. Maybe he'll grow out of it?

Have a great Thursday!

Kate said...

They say that to form an opinion of a food (good or bad!) you need to be exposed to it 20 times!
Props on avoiding fast food & good luck with D!

Meghann said...

You are the inspiration of the kin dof Mom I want to be someday. Everyone laughs when i tell them that I will not take my future kids to mcdonals and say to just wait. But here you are teaching D healthy habits, while still abiding by the picy eater rules. You are my role model for sure!

Sarah (lovINmytummy) said...

Just catching up on your posts. Gracie won't eat milk on her cereal either. Have you tried yogurt instead of milk? The cereal stays crunchy lots longer =)

Sammie said...

Yes, I have tried that. He will sometimes eat granola in his yogurt but like most things, not on a regular basis.