Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Rock-A-Bye My Baby

Good evening. I hope you all had a lovely Wednesday. D and I went to the library after lunch which was yes another wrap – I am kind of hooked on these guys lately. Today’s wrap had LOTS of lettuce, red pepper, pumpkin and 2 tbsp hummus. The Honey Graham Z Bar was saved till the end of the meal.


With my wrap I also had more pumpkin mixed with 1/4 cup cottage cheese, strawberry preserves and almond butter.


And an apple was consumed.


At the library we usually play games but they decided to remove them from the kids section while they do some remodeling. I felt bad because my little guy was really looking forward to some games. We found a couple wooden puzzles and raced to see who could finish the fastest – we did that about 30 times.

I found another book like the last one I read. This one is Once upon a Time, The Crimson Thread, A Retelling of “Rumplelstiltskin”. I am really looking forward to getting into this one.

I had to run to the grocery store because D ate the last banana during lunch and I can not possibly be without them. After we got home I had a Kashi ROLL! bar for a snack.


For dinner I had a Sunshine Veggie Burger with tomato slices on an Arnold Whole Wheat Sandwich Thin. On the side I had some butternut squash sprinkled with cinnamon.


I also had some baby carrots with a new BBQ sauce my hubs got for his b-day. I thought that I snapped a photo of the bowl but I guess the camera liked it so much it ate it. This is the sauce and it wasn’t really that good. I like my BBQ sauce to be tangy with a little hint of smokiness. This was waaaaaay too sweet. At least it did not contain HFCS.


For dessert I mixed Greek yogurt, honey and almond butter.


And melted some Cacao Bliss on a Chocolate Brownie Z Bar. I did consume 2 Z Bars in one day but at least they were 2 different flavors. What can I say, I like them A LOT.


Tonight when I was getting ready to bring my little baby up to bed he asked if I would rock him for a little while. Now usually we just tuck him into his bed (which is still a tent), kiss him good night and he drifts off – eventually. I still have my rocker in his room just as a chair for him to have but we haven’t used it to rock him to sleep in a long time. I couldn’t help myself tonight, I had to say yes. As I was holding him in my lap – he was just barely fitting mind you – I could not stop thinking about all the times I rocked that little sweetie to sleep when he was an itty bitty baby. I actually rocked him to sleep. Then the fun part of moving my child that is almost as big as me (well not really but he is a big kid). It is a good thing I have some upper body strength – I was able to move him to his pillow without waking him up.

After rocking my babes to sleep I did a 60 min. Detox Yoga class from Yoga Download. I know I have said this before, but I love all the twists, it really does feel like I am massaging my insides.

Well that is all for today. I am pooped and so ready to crawl into bed. I am baby sitting Rocco (my nephew) tomorrow. I am really looking forward to playing with my two favorite little monsters. I hope you have a great night. See you in the AM.


Heather McD (Heather Eats Almond Butter) said...

2 Zbars in one day...Sammie, I don't believe it. :)

Rocking little D to sleep - so sweet. Enjoy your day with the boys tomorrow.

PS - I love all the twists too.

VeggieGirl said...

Sunshine burger + b-nut squash + BBQ sauce = mmm....

Such a lovely "mother & son" moment you and D had, with the rocking - touching!!

Happy Thursday!!!

HeatherBakes said...

What a sweet boy, asking you to rock him!

I just bought one of those Kashi Rolls yesterday in honor of you- I'll let you know how it is... thinking it might be a plane snack today :)

greendogwine said...

That wrap looks quite wonderful!