Wednesday, February 18, 2009

A Night Out

Happy Wednesday!  I finally have a second to catch you all up on the craziness of the day so far.  I was up early and out the door by 5.  I had a pre-workout Banana Muffin.  At the gym I did a 45 minutes Run and then I used the Stationary Bike for 25 minutes.  I totally felt the bike workout in my legs and my heart rate was up as well.  I am really enjoying the cross training and would love to do some sort of Duatholon. I really just need to get the confidence that I can do such a thing – I think I am being a chicken. 

For breakfast I made oat bran, mixed in a banana and 1/4 a cup cottage cheese. I enhanced it with some Cocoa Bliss and a 1/2 tbsp worth of PB.



The babysitting room was filled to the brim this morning.  At one point I was in the room by myself with 10 kids – the other sitter had not arrived yet. I had a feeling that we would be busy, it being school vacation week.  All the kids were really well behaved, even my little monster. I bribed him beforehand : ) Hey it worked and he got to get a doughnut.  It is really the only “fast food” treat that I allow him and I figure one every once in a while will not kill him.  While he ate his sweet goody, I snacked on a Luna Sunrise bar and had a decaf black coffee from Dunkin Donuts.  This was the first time I had this bar and it was only ok – there are so many other Luna bars that I would much prefer over this one.  Oh well, you never know until you try and I do like to try new flavors.




For lunch today I used another one of my nana’s fresh eggs which topped a Dr. Praeger’s Veggie burger and served up on an Arnold Sandwich Thin.  I added some more veg and color to the plate with red pepper, summer squash and a drizzle of honey mustard.



I ended the meal with a delicious chocolate brownie – Z Bar style.



I am going to work on packaging my bake sale brownies, then I am off to the post office. 

Here is the exciting news – I get to go out tonight.  One of my friends that I met at the gym (her son and D are best buds), invited me to go out to dinner.  I am not sure where we are going but I am so thrilled to get a Girl’s night out. She is not in on the whole food blog thing yet so I am not sure if I will be whipping out my camera at the restaurant or not.  I don’t want to freak her out or embarrass her so I might hold off. Now I just need to think of where exactly I would like to go.

Enjoy the rest of the day. 


VeggieGirl said...

WHEW you're busy - hang in there, haha :-D


Heather McD (Heather Eats Almond Butter) said...

Busy day Sammie! Enjoy your evening! We all need nights out with the girls!

ksgoodeats said...

I hope you have TONS of fun tonight - you deserve a night out!!

Sarah (lovINmytummy) said...

I can't wait to hear how your night out went! I would not have wanted to be in that babysitting room today :)