Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Just What the Doggie Needed

I got a call from my Nana this morning because little Ocho was refusing to eat and acting strange. Ocho is her dog, who used to be my dog before my crazy mommy days.  I got Ocho when she was an itty bitty pup and a mere 1 pound.  She was my baby before I had D - it is sad to say it but I had so little time for her after he was born.  My Nana kept talking about getting a small dog but she never did.  I decided that Ocho would have a better life with Nana & Grampy, plus she would be far away from her torturing brother Otto – he was not nice to her. 

This was a rare occurrence – she usually never let him get this close.

ocho & otto    

So I went over to visit Ocho and see if I could make her feel better.  I brought along some goodies for her but she refused them – this dog NEVER refuses food or treats.  I eventually got her to eat 2 Ritz crackers and that must have made her tummy feel good because after that she ate her food.  She just needed a little TLC from her old mommy.    I really do miss having her at my house but it would be very selfish of me to make her live the way she was.  Nana & Grampy love her and it makes me happy to see how much the 3 of them have bonded. 

Before we went to Ocho’s rescue I stopped at the library and got 2 more Once Upon a Time books.  I figured I should get 2 seeing as I can buzz through these books quickly.

I snacked on a Luna Bar while we were out. This was the first time trying this flavor.  It was very good – pretty intense berry flavor. 



When we got back home it was way past lunch so I quickly threw together an egg white wrap with a piece of string cheese, roasted red peppers, basil and Frank’s.  I have an over abundance of eggs at the moment – Nana sent me home with a dozen fresh eggs from her chickens.



I also had a salad.




And 1/2 a cup Greek yogurt, 3/4 cup TJ’s High Fiber Twigs, a tsp of agave and a tbsp almond butter.




After lunch is was baking time. I made the bake sale brownies. Now I have to figure out how to pack them so they survive the trip.  Anyone have any tips? 

I needed a snack even though I had a late lunch.  I mixed 3/4 cup Greek yogurt with a tsp agave and I had a Z Bar with a cup of decaf tea.









Dinner was a chicken recipe that was a combo from 2 cookbooks.  I made chicken tenders from The Most Decadent Diet Ever and the Honey Mustard Sauce from The Food You Crave. The changes I made (of course I made changes, I always do), was to use oat flour to coat the chicken before cooking and I used 365 brand light mayo in the sauce. 

With the chicken I had roasted brussels sprouts (I sprayed them with nonstick spray before popping in the oven) and an apple.  Charlie had the chicken too but no brussels – he is not a fan.  His veg was a sliced cuke and he also had a baked potato.  This was a winner meal and there is plenty of left over chicken. 



Dessert was a Banana Muffin and 3/4 cup Chocolate PB Soy Delicious.



My guys are reading a bedtime story - I am going to join them and then enjoy the rest of my evening.  I hope you all do the same.  Tomorrow is a work day so I’ll be posting breakfast late. See you then. Good night.


Anonymous said...

Maybe email VG- she sends so many baked goods and they always look perfectly in tact! Your little pup is SO cute, and v. kind of you to give her a loving home :D

prettyface said...

ohhhhh I want that ice cream!!!

Anonymous said...

Aw - glad you got to see your dog again! That would be hard but it's good everyone has bonded :)

VeggieGirl said...

Cuuute dogs!! :-)

Yes, feel free to contact me if you need help with the baked good packing!!

So sorry for my sporadic commenting - I'm so overwhelmed with schoolwork!! :-(

Laura said...

re: calorie count

I asked yesterday, you obliged me with an answer and said you wondered why I asked. Honestly just curious because you know measurements for your "messes" ex: 1 TB peanut butter or 3 tsps of this or 2 TB of that, etc. Your eats always look nutritious and delicious, so I was just wondering if you compile a meal based on calories or not. Then, when you got a heart rate monitor for the holidays, I really began to wonder because calories in/calories out, and mommies need lots of energy (I have 3 year old twins). Feel free to expand on your calorie counting--I am indeed very interested in your diet because I think it's an excellent example--but if you don't want to/don't feel comfortable, then that'd be okay too.
Have a great day! and adorable, adorable dog

Lauren said...

You definitely made the right decision for your puppy - and it's great that you can stop in to see her :)

Erica said...

Ocho is so adorable! Glad you got her to feel better. Why did you name her ocho? Asking because my husbands like the number 8 and we tossed around the idea of naming Frank 8 or ocho!

Charlie said...

Ocho's name is a Simpsons reference. The Bumblebee Man on Springfield's Channel Ocho has a chihuahua. Yes, I was a huge Simpsons fan back in the day.

HeatherBakes said...

I hope Ocho is feeling 100% better today! That was sweet of you to take care of him.

How did Ocho and Otto do with D when he was a baby? I worry about what Chloe will be like when that day comes (a loooong ways off, but still)- she's so spoiled.

Julie said...

That LunaBar looks so good :) Never tried that flavor. I'm a big fan of the Chocolate Peppermint. Have a good one!