Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Is it Really 3

Oh my goodness – is it really 3 o’clock!?!? Wow this day is flying by.  Let me start at the beginning.

I woke up before my alarm – I hate that. So it was like 4 AM – yikes. Before I left I had a TJ’s Fig bar because I was famished.  This photo is for you Heather.  This guy was super soft & tasty. I went to the gym and did an hour run – just shy of 7.5 miles.  Then I also used some free weights.



Breakfast was Whole Grain Cream of Wheat.  I cooked 3 tbsp with water (that is one serving), then added a banana, 1/4 cup cottage cheese, lots of cinnamon and some dabs of PB.



After inhaling my bowl of goodness, D and I headed out to babysit.  The little monkeys were extra crazy today – there must be something in the air.  One boy had a bloody nose another peed his pants – utter chaos I tell ya. 

I snacked on this guy after I was free from the madness.




We took a little trip to Target on the way home.  I picked up another board game for D to whip my butt at.

I had to eat lunch lightning fast in order to make it to my hair appointment on time. 

I had a toasted English muffin with red peppers and Swiss cheese.  I threw on a piece of lettuce for some green – it was darn good. 



On the side I had some more veg – raw broccoli & red pepper sticks which I drizzled with mustard – a condiment I can’t live without.



I also had a Blueberry Raw Crunch bar and a dish of Greek yogurt (1/2 cup) and fresh blueberries.









I needed a little sweetness so I cracked open this chocolate bar I found at Target.  I am in love with the combo of chocolate and orange – this bar did not let me down.  There are actual little crunchy bits of orange in it (the label says orange powder – not sure what that is???).  This bar is all mine – boys keep your paws off.  I had two scrumptious squares which was the perfect ending to my lunch. 









Out the door we went to get my hair cut.  My hairdresser is awesome and I love her.  She told me today that she has a little bun in the oven – she is going to be a great mama.

Here is a picture of her handy work.  Thank goodness I am free from the ear flaps.  I liked the cut but it was just bugging the heck out of me. 




That’s all for now.  I must go find a snack then I’m off to Candy Land – no cheaters allowed. 

Enjoy the rest of your day.


VeggieGirl said...

This day really IS flying by!!

Great haircut!! And congratulations to your hairdresser about her "bun in the oven" :-D

ksgoodeats said...

Cute cut!! I love the crust on those TJs fig bars - so tasty!

Babysitting does sound crazy! Glad you survived ;)

Charlie said...

Looks great, babe.