Friday, February 13, 2009


I got the ganache made, now it is chilling in the fridge. In a couple hours it should be ready to form into balls and rolled into cocoa and nuts. Making truffles really is very simple. It can get a little messy while working with the ganache but it is an easy clean up.

I made the run to TJ’s this morning. Before leaving I had a ROLL! bar for a snack.


Of course it took me way longer than I had expected. I didn’t get home until after 1. As soon as I unpacked my groceries I made lunch. I had a wrap filled with lettuce, tomato, red pepper, zucchini, roasted deli turkey and mustard. On the side I had a sliced golden delicious apple.


And because I have missed my fiber twigs I cracked open the box and topped 1/2 a cup of Greek yogurt with 3/4 cup TJ’s High Fiber Twigs, a tsp agave and a tbsp almond butter.


My afternoon snack was more thick and creamy Greek yogurt (1/2 a cup), pb and cranberry apple butter. I am just about to eat the Z Bar with a cup of decaf tea.


I hope your day is going well. We are closing in on the weekend.


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YUM to homemade truffles!