Friday, February 27, 2009

Out ALL Day

Today D and I were not home for more than an hour – we were out all day.  First we went to the gym.  I got in a great run. On the way home I ate my favorite Luna bar. 



Once I got home it was a quick shower, pack lunch and then hit the road again.  I made a veggie-ful mixer to take to our friends house and D got a leftover piece of pizza.  In the mix was red peppers, 1/4 cup cannellini beans, diced canned tomatoes, artichoke hearts, pumpkin and I added 1/4 cup cottage cheese for protein.  Yes, I just took all the veggies in my fridge and tossed them together and it tasted great especially with a generous douse of my favorite spices (cumin, cardamom, paprika, cinnamon and turmeric). I packed a Flat-Out to eat along with all the veg. 



I also had a Goji bar.  These things are seriously one of the most amazing bars I have ever had.



My afternoon snack was a Maple Walnut Clif bar which tastes like a homemade cookie, yummmmm!!!! 



After our visit with friends, I dashed home to let my dog out – the poor guy has been all alone today. Then it was out the door again for dinner at my in-law’s house. 

My father-in-law is so sweet.  He had the sushi place make 2 special rolls for me. 

One was white tuna and the other regular tuna (not sure what the specific name is).  Each roll had cucumber and avocado inside along with the fish.  I ate 6 pieces of each – they were so delicious. It was so nice of them to make something not listed on the menu.  I had a small salad along with my sushi – lettuce, cuke, tomato, pepper, a few grapes and strawberries.  I didn’t use any dressing because the fruit made the salad sweet enough.  It was a great dinner and great company.



After I put my little man to bed I made a little dessert.  I had a sliced golden delicious apple, a tablespoon peanut butter and a square of dark chocolate.




It is so time for me to relax.  I am sure Otto would enjoy some snuggle time.  I hope you have a great night. 

Store Brands

As you all probably know by now, I do most of my grocery shopping at Stop & Shop and Trader Joe’s.  I have recently noticed that Stop & Shop is coming out with more of their store brand organic products which they call Nature’s Promise.  It is so great to see these products at a reasonable price too.  Since I need to buy only organic dairy and dairy that does not contain added growth hormones I find my dairy choices to be limited at Stop & Shop – that’s why I go to TJ’s.  I have been buying the same things for my guys too – I don’t want to give them junky products either.  So far D doesn’t have any skin issues and I would like to keep it that way.  My reaction to such products came out later in my life but I figure why wait to switch him over. I have been giving him organic yogurt for over a year now and he actually likes it.  I always give him vanilla and let him either add a little honey or maple syrup to it.  Sometimes he likes to add Honey Cinnamon Sugar instead of the liquid sweetener.  What are your feelings on the organic product that are offered at your local super markets?  Are they super expensive?  I know that at Hannaford a small container of organic cottage cheese is almost 6 bucks – yikes! That doesn’t fit into my budget.  I very rarely shop there but sometimes I pop in to the one near the gym because they have a great selection of nutrition bars – you all know my love for them. 

For breakfast this morning I decided to try one of the Nature’s Promise Organic 6oz Vanilla yogurt cups.  I have been buying these for my hubs – they also have blueberry, strawberry, chocolate and I think I saw peach too.  He can’t eat anything peach (he’s allergic) and I haven’t bought the chocolate. 

The vanilla one was quite good.  I am such a huge fan of plain yogurt that when I eat a flavored flavor the sweetness can be over powering.  I didn’t find it to be the case with this one.  It was very smooth and not too runny.  I like the thickness of Greek yogurt much better but this was a nice change up. 




I also had a toasted English muffin topped with 1/2 a tablespoon of peanut butter.  For some fruity goodness I had a beloved banana.  I added a few slices to the English muffin during consumption. 



D and I have a full day planned.  After the gym we will be heading to his friend Henry’s house for lunch. Tonight D and I are going to visit my in-law’s.  I am pretty sure we are having dinner with them.  I hope you all have a great Friday. 

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Hers and His

Tonight D and I had a delicious pizza from Whole Foods.  They only offer one size and man is it HUGE.  I got 1/2 topped with lots of yummy veggies and the other 1/2 with cheese. I am sure you know what half was his – my veggie hating son.

We have lots of leftovers – the pizza stone will come in handy when I need to reheat some. 



We also picked out dessert – Hers & His.  Of course he had to eat some of the frozen yogurt.  You know that if I bought that just for him he wouldn’t touch it.  I am pretty sure that he will probably eat the rest of it on me tomorrow – at least I got to savor a little. 


HPIM8744 HPIM8742

Let me back up to the happenings of the rest of our day. 

After the gym I snacked on this Luna bar on the way home. I was starving after my 6 mile run, 15 min. Stationary Bike ride and weights.



My sissy called and asked if she could bring Rocco over to play with D for a little while.  I made a quick lunch – Flat-Out wrap filled with shredded cheese and fresh salsa.  I threw it on the HOT pizza stone to melt the cheese and crisp up the wrap. On the side I had red pepper sticks and mustard for dipping.




I also had 1/2 cup Greek yogurt, a tsp agave and a TJ’s Banana granola bar.


HPIM8734  HPIM8735


The boys played Star Wars the whole time and I had a nice visit with my sis.

My afternoon snack was 1/2 cup cottage cheese with cinnamon, a Kashi bar and an apple.


HPIM8736 HPIM8739


Well that is all I have to say for today.  I am beat and totally ready for bed.  Tomorrow I have to bring D to the gym with me again so I will see you before we leave.  Have a great night.

Toast and Berries

This morning in my house it was a toast and strawberry start to the day. D requested toast which he likes with a little Earth Balance and Honey Cinnamon Sugar. He also agreed to join me in some fresh strawberries. 

My toast choice was a Whole Wheat English Muffin.  I topped it with 1/2 a tbsp peanut butter and some banana slices.  I ate the rest of the banana with my beautiful berries. 



I am off to the gym with my side kick – it is a late morning workout day. Time to get the little monkey ready. Have a great day.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Speedy Soup

Good evening, I hope the rest of your day was lovely.  D and I ventured into Candy Land for a while – he managed to play without trying to sneak by me. 

I snacked on this ROLL! – my last one and I think I might give these a rest for a while. The package actually was stuck to the bar and I had to chew each bite like 50 times – was it stale????  I am sticking to my beloved Luna – she never lets me down.  Can I eat more than one a day??? :)



For dinner I made a speedy soup – my own recipe.  It was so delish and I have extra ingredients to make it again, so I am going to.  I started by peeling a small sweet potato.  I placed it in a glass bowl, covered the potato with water and cooked in the micro till fork tender but not mushy.  In a medium saucepan I started cooking some red onion in nonstick spray. Once the sweet potato was cooked I added it to the softened onion. In the pot went 3 artichoke hearts (I used canned and cut them in quarters before adding) and 1 1/2 cups TJ’s vegetable broth.  I let it come up to a boil, then added 1/4 cup white cannellini beans, cumin, cardamom, turmeric, paprika and fresh ground black pepper.  I let the flavors mingle for a few minutes before serving. 




I had my soup with a Flat-Out filled with melted shredded cheese and an apple. 



For dessert I had a Chocolate Brownie Z Bar topped with a little PB. After this beauty was photographed I popped it in the microwave for 30 seconds so it was warm and gooey when I ate it. 



After dinner it was time to bathe my little sweet tart and read him some bedtime stories.  As I was ticking him in he asked me to sing him a song – he is probably the only person on the planet that wants to hear me sing. His 3 favorites are ABC, Itsy Bitsy Spider and Twinkle Twinkle Little Star – at least they are easy ones.

Time for mommy to relax.  Have a great night. 

Is it Really 3

Oh my goodness – is it really 3 o’clock!?!? Wow this day is flying by.  Let me start at the beginning.

I woke up before my alarm – I hate that. So it was like 4 AM – yikes. Before I left I had a TJ’s Fig bar because I was famished.  This photo is for you Heather.  This guy was super soft & tasty. I went to the gym and did an hour run – just shy of 7.5 miles.  Then I also used some free weights.



Breakfast was Whole Grain Cream of Wheat.  I cooked 3 tbsp with water (that is one serving), then added a banana, 1/4 cup cottage cheese, lots of cinnamon and some dabs of PB.



After inhaling my bowl of goodness, D and I headed out to babysit.  The little monkeys were extra crazy today – there must be something in the air.  One boy had a bloody nose another peed his pants – utter chaos I tell ya. 

I snacked on this guy after I was free from the madness.




We took a little trip to Target on the way home.  I picked up another board game for D to whip my butt at.

I had to eat lunch lightning fast in order to make it to my hair appointment on time. 

I had a toasted English muffin with red peppers and Swiss cheese.  I threw on a piece of lettuce for some green – it was darn good. 



On the side I had some more veg – raw broccoli & red pepper sticks which I drizzled with mustard – a condiment I can’t live without.



I also had a Blueberry Raw Crunch bar and a dish of Greek yogurt (1/2 cup) and fresh blueberries.









I needed a little sweetness so I cracked open this chocolate bar I found at Target.  I am in love with the combo of chocolate and orange – this bar did not let me down.  There are actual little crunchy bits of orange in it (the label says orange powder – not sure what that is???).  This bar is all mine – boys keep your paws off.  I had two scrumptious squares which was the perfect ending to my lunch. 









Out the door we went to get my hair cut.  My hairdresser is awesome and I love her.  She told me today that she has a little bun in the oven – she is going to be a great mama.

Here is a picture of her handy work.  Thank goodness I am free from the ear flaps.  I liked the cut but it was just bugging the heck out of me. 




That’s all for now.  I must go find a snack then I’m off to Candy Land – no cheaters allowed. 

Enjoy the rest of your day.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Cheaters DO win!!!

Today D and I played Hi Ho Cherry-O – a cute game that teaches little ones how to count.  He is such a cheater.  At one point I said “You know cheaters never win”. Well he took his turn, picked his last cherry off the board and said “I just won – looks like cheaters do win”. I could not stop laughing. Yeah, I taught him a lesson today – Mommy’s way of playing is the boring way and obviously the way to lose. 

I may have lost at the game but I won in the kitchen today.  I made not one but 2 things with glorious dough.  It is amazing what flour, yeast, water and salt can do – that is all the ingredients in both recipes. 

First here is the beautiful Pugliese.

I set it in a colander lined with a floured towel to rise.  You can see how soft and smooth the dough was.  


It has a great crusty exterior




And a soft and chewy interior.




D chowed his piece with a little drizzle of olive oil – his request.  Oh man, he looks so grown up in this shot – where is my little peanut????



I also made Bialys this afternoon.  The dough comes together quickly then you just have to let it rise.  Traditionally the center filling is an onion mixture but I decided to top mine with shredded cheese. These were going to be what I fed my hubs for dinner so I wanted them to be kind of like mini pizzas without sauce. 



I made six and Charlie ate 2 but commented that he was tempted to eat a third.  I would say he liked them. He also had 2 pieces of the other bread – he said that was awesome too.



Now on to my eats for the day.

This morning I snacked on a Detour bar.



Lunch was a small salad – lettuce, alfalfa sprouts, zucchini, pumpkin, lemon jusice  and lots of my favorite spice blend.




For some protein I mixed a can of low sodium tuna (365 brand) with no salt added canned diced tomatoes, a little mustard and dried basil.  I know it sounds weird but it tasted great.



I also had a Flat-Out wrap, 1/2 cup Greek yogurt and fresh blueberries. I did end with a sweet Z Bar but there is no photo because my camera battery decided to conk out during the lunch photo session.  I popped the battery on the charger so I could capture my bread baking extravaganza.



This afternoon I already explained the butt whooping by Mr. Cheater Pants.  I stopped to eat a Luna bar because a day without Luna just doesn’t feel right.  This flavor is a favorite – closely tied with the Cookies and Cream bar. 



For dinner I took 2 slices of my freshly baked bread, topped them with red pepper and a slice of swiss cheese. I put it in the toaster oven to get all melty and crispy.  Oh baby, this bread is great. 



I had a little fruity & cottage cheese mix too.  I topped 1/4 cup cottage cheese with a banana, strawberries and a dab of PB. I am not the first to say it but I feel I must – PB and bananas were made for each other.



For dessert – yeah, that wasn’t it – I had 2 mini TJ’s soy cream sandwiches. A little smear of PB might have made it’s way onto one of these little guys after the photo was taken – it just felt right.



So there you have it.  My day of baking, yummy food and getting beat at board games by a 4 year old.  I did do other things like laundry and dishes – but those aren’t things that I don’t do every day. 

Time to get that little cheater cheater bacon eater into bed. See you sometime tomorrow. I have to babysit in the AM then get my haircut at 1 o’clock, so I might not have a chance to post until later in the afternoon. It is going to be another crazy day. I am actually going to get a little change to the hair.  The long sides are making me nuts – I feel like I have puppy dog ears when I run.  It won’t be too drastic but back to the way my hair used to be.  Have a great night.

Starting with a Biga

Happy Tuesday!  The sun is shining but it is not the least bit warm out there. Thankfully it is much less windy – I thought the wind was going to bust through my windows at one point yesterday. 

I was out the door at 4:50 and ready for a super workout. I did a 3 mile run, 5.5 mile ride on the Stationary Bike, back to the treadmill for another 3 mile run and then weights. 

Breakfast today was another creamy bowl of oat bran.  After cooking, I added some cooked chopped apple chunks and lots of cinnamon.  




I topped it with 1/2 a tbsp PB and a tsp of agave.  I love the little tasty agave pools just waiting to be savored. 


HPIM8633 HPIM8632






Instead of mixing 1/4 cup cottage cheese into the oat bran, I had it on the side with some of the cooked apples & cinnamon.  To cook the apple, I just cored and chopped it then tossed it around in a hot nonstick pan till soft.  It was as easy as that. 



I decided to bake a loaf of bread by hand – not in my bread machine.  I used to make bread ALL the time, but have not had much time to devote to it these days.  Well last night I mixed up a biga and I am going to make a loaf of Pugliese.  I have the best book – The Bread Bible – which has so many great bread recipes.  All the recipes I have made from this book have been outstanding. 

Here is my biga last night.



Here it is this morning – look at those beautiful bubbles.  When I took the lid of I got a big whiff of that yummy yeasty smell.  I love the smell of fresh dough.



And the complete dough after kneading and it’s first business letter turn. 



This dough feels like a soft pillow.   It is just about time for the second business letter turn. Stay tuned to see how it comes out – it better be good.