Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Playtime is Finally Over

I really never had a second to stop and post this afternoon.  My D man had me going ALL day.  

I give you my eats that kept me going

HPIM7869 HPIM7877
HPIM7880 HPIM7882
HPIM7887 HPIM7884
HPIM7903 HPIM7911

Yes I had 2 salads today – lunch was a warm salad with pumpkin, Greek yogurt & tortilla chips as the accents while dinner was a cold salad with nuts, 2 hard boiled egg whites and more crunchy tortilla chips.  I finally caved and had some of those little beanies.  Which worked out good because after consuming them I ran a marathon around my dining room table pretending to be Tom chasing Jerry.  I think we wore a groove in the floor.  Thankfully I didn’t get sick running in circles for an hour. I also enjoyed the last of my frozen yogurt (there was only like 1/4 cup left).  This stuff is seriously the best frozen yogurt on the planet.  It stinks that they only sell it in little containers and I think it is a bit on the pricey side.  Oh well, it was a nice treat to have.  Tonight I jazzed up my mini scoop with a little granola, Heart 2 Heart and some Cacao Bliss shavings.

We really had a fun filled day of activities.  Being stuck inside all day can be a real downer but thankfully I was able to entertain the little monkey pretty well.  We played cards this morning – D made up his own games and I just played along.  Then there was some car action and Legos – one of my favorite things to platy with, must be my inner artist and my need to create things with my hands.  Of course Tom & Jerry chasing each other for a loooooooong time.  Then we played football – only soft footballs allowed in the house.  Finally we hunted droids with our laser guns – we were the Jedi.  I managed to make some dinner while he was drawing – the only time he would let me stop playing with him.  Well actually I got to sit and eat lunch but that was only like 15 minutes – I just love inhaling my food. 

Here are some pictures of my crazy man – yes he stayed in his PJs all day.  Why dirty more clothes?  I at least brushed his hair which he hates.  He would be totally fine looking like a dirtball – I guess that is a boy for you.



Check out his cool laser gun.



This is a crazy picture I took of mine in action. 




He is finally sitting still.



The smile that melts my heart. 




Have a great night.  See you in tomorrow. 


Simple and Divine said...

0MG--- Yours and MINE. Seriously, does D have a Valentine yet? Is he into Brunettes? ;)

carolinebee said...


Heather McD (Heather Eats Almond Butter) said...

Sounds like a fun day at Sammie's house. :)

I loved your lunch salad - pumpkin AND chips. Yum!

Sarah (lovINmytummy) said...

D looks like you when he smiles. So cute!

VeggieGirl said...

Fun days and fabulous eats!! :-)

ksgoodeats said...

Awww how cute! Glad to hear you guys had a great day :)

greendogwine said...

That is one sweet laser gun! He is just too precious - glad to hear you guys had a fun hang out day inside!