Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Why didn’t Think of it before???

Well this cold is hanging on for dear life – it will not go away.  I did sleep a little better last night after taking a nighttime Sudafed.  This morning my nose is still running, I am coughing and my ears are bugging me too.  I am breaking out the Neti Pot today – why didn’t I think of it before?  I am planning on using it this morning before we head out – I am positive that it will help a bunch. 

At least I haven’t lost my sense of taste.  This morning my mix contained an itty bitty banana, 1/2 cup Greek yogurt, 1/2 cup canned organic butternut squash, TJ’s High Fiber Cereal, Cinnamon Puffins and a tablespoon of White Chocolate Wonderful PB.  Thankfully I was able to savor every delicious bite.

HPIM5952 HPIM5955

Time to get my sidekick ready – he’s watching some AM cartoons at the moment. Then it’s Neti time.  See you this afternoon.


VeggieGirl said...

Ahhh, feel better, please!! Makes me sad that your cold is hanging on :-(

PUFFINS!!! I'm super stoked to try them, haha. Purchasing some today at Whole Foods!!

Have fun with D!!

MizFit said...

Id marry my neti if I could.

I adore my husband but many morning the pot helps me more than he ever could :)

K said...

Loosing your sense of taste is one of the worst parts of being sick :( FEEL BETTER!!! I'm sending good vibes your way!

Enjoy your Tuesday :)

HeatherBakes said...

Oh no! Feel better soon, Sammie :( I'm busting out the sinus rinse today, too.

Cinnamon Puffins are the BEST.

Anonymous said...

Hi Sammie! My mom swears by her neti pot ... I hope it works for you!!

polly said...

Hope you heal quickly, Sammie. Hugs and stay warm! XOXO