Thursday, December 11, 2008

This is Why I should buy Plastic

Another one of my dishes got chipped!!  I swear all my dishes have little nicks in them. I really like my little leaf plates too. Oh well, I am gonna use it anyway.  I should just buy some reusable plastic dishes.  I have actually seen some at Target that have some pretty funky patterns.  Anyway, the chipped plate contains my snackie before my 5 AM workout today.  I topped a piece of Ezekiel bread with 1/2 a tablespoon of PB & J.  I love how nutty and chewy this bread is. 

HPIM6200 HPIM6202

I have to say that I might not go back to my “big mess” breakfast again.  I will still make small snack size messes but I just can’t get over how well the oats make my tummy feel.  I am all about making my belly happy.

This morning I used the Country Choice multi grain hot cereal for my breakfast.  Let me tell you this stuff is awesome.  I cooked 1/2 a cup of the hot cereal with a little less than a cup of water (I like my oats on the thick and chewy side).  Once it cooled down a bit – about room temp – I added 1/2 a chopped banana to the cereal and mixed till combined.  I then added 1/4 cup Greek yogurt to the center along with 8 little Cinnamon Puffins (a bit of crunch).  The rest of the banana slices went around the bowl along with a tablespoon drizzle of Almond Butter.

I have now tasted the perfect breakfast which could easily be lunch or dinner in my book.  I can’t wait to try pumpkin mixed into the multi grain cereal. 



I have been really enjoying going through all my old photos of D – I can’t believe how fast the time has passed.  I honestly have a million pictures of this kid and a bunch of videos.  I am so glad that we took the time to make so many wonderful memories.  So I went a little crazy with the pics today but hey he is just so darn cute. 

He was kind of obsessed with the movie Cars when it first came out.  His character collection is now three times that size.


This was D’s first Halloween.  He was actually a ninja but I had to cover his bald head because it was a chilly evening.  I loved this pumpkin hat & I was very sad when his head got too big for it. 





He still sleeps with that white bubby. 


And sucks his thumb, but only when he has his bubby. 


D got to take a ride on Thomas the Train.


Today’s agenda includes getting my Christmas cards addressed and ready to mail.  I hope you have a great morning.  Happy Thursday!


VeggieGirl said...

Ahh, so sorry about your dish :-(

Such a lovely presentation of today's Mess!!

MORE amazingly precious photos!! Keep 'em coming!! :-D

ashley (sweetandnatural) said...

Cute little boy you've got there!

Rose said...

Your live seems so wonderful - spending it all day with your son! He's a cutie.

Erica said...

I chip all of my dishes! So annoying! Glad you're enjoying the oats! They are filling and delicious!

Meghann said...

Great pictures! Thanks for sharing!

Aggie said...

I'm so loving all of D's pictures! How old is he? My Sammy is 4 now and I can see they are both into the same things! We have all the same cars and we got to visit Thomas too!

Sammie said...

D will be 4 on the 14th.