Thursday, December 4, 2008

Play Town Express

I was correct when I said that my quiet time was not going to last long.  Maybe 15 minutes after I hit publish on my afternoon post D was awake and ready to go.  Since I worked out at home today and he did not get to run around with his buddies I thought it would be a great idea to get him out of the house and have some fun.  I took him to Play Town Express which is a crazy indoor playground where Mommy could join in the fun. 

It is so clean – no shoes allowed and they have tons of stuff to do.  We had a BLAST!!!  We climbed that big structure in the corner and slid down the slide a few times. 


There was lots of jumping and falling in the moon walks.


D falling – on purpose of course.


This photo is blurry because he wanted me to fall so I am actually in motion – he’s not bad with the camera.



He’s getting ready to take a ride.


Looks like fun!!!


He jumped off and said “that was awesome, let me try that again” -which he did many more times. 


I think this area is more for little babies, but he checked it out anyway. 


This is the entrance to an obstacle course.


Inside there were things to crawl through and slides. 


Mommy and D tackling the course together.


More craziness.


He’s a goof ball!!


The place brings out your inner child. 


I almost got that punching bag in the face a few times. 


I couldn’t ask for a better kid – he is my favorite buddy. 


I was starving when we were finished playing.  Thankfully I packed a Kashi PB Granola Bar which I ate on the ride home and when I got home I ate an apple.

HPIM6054 HPIM6056

Dinner was a easy – D actually ate ravioli (just a frozen variety).  I made myself an egg & Swiss cheese sandwich using 1 egg, lite Swiss and a Sandwich Thin.  I also put a few dashes of Frank’s on it for a kick.  For some greenery I had broccoli.  I also had 1/2 cup cottage cheese with cinnamon.

HPIM6058 HPIM6059

Dessert was 2 mini Brownie Muffins.  One had 1/2 tablespoon White Chocolate PB and the other 1/2 tablespoon Old Fashioned PB.  They were delicious!!! 


For some reason the little monkey is having a hard time falling asleep tonight – he just came downstairs for the second time.  See, a nap in the afternoon is not always a good thing.  I thought that after all that activity he would go to bed without any trouble – no such luck.  I am pooped – that activity sure did me in.  It is so funny how I can run, run, run but then I take part in child’s play and I am exhausted.  It is time for me to go to bed.  See you in the morning.  Have a great night. 


Erica said...

oh my gosh-how cute are you two? That plays looks like so much fun!!

K said...

What a fun play date for you two! Looks like you both had a blast!

Liz said...

Whoa, I want to go to the play town express. I firmly believe there should be adult jungle gyms and playground equipment at gym gyms. I'm a long time reader, first time poster. I was wondering if you would please give us a lil background on your workout and healthy eating history? I think it's really neat to learn where people are coming from. Thanks!

Heather McD (Heather Eats Almond Butter) said...

Hey Sammie,
Cute pics. It's amazing what they have for kids nowadays. When we were getting rowdy, my mom used to take us to the McDonald's playground. At least now there are options that don't involve fried foods!

Sammie said...

I was raised by a very health conscious mother. She was never one to use salt or butter when preparing our meals so I just learned to appreciate the natural flavor of fruits and veggies. I have always been picky about my food and that has not gone away. I have been a very active person my entire life but started running about 7 years ago after I had breast reduction surgery. Before it just hurt to much to run so I did other forms of cardio exercise. I have belonged to a gym since I was in High School and just stayed motivated to keep up the exercise because of how awesome it makes me feel. I am now trying to show D how to be healthy and active just like my mommy did for me.

Anonymous said...

What a fun day together!!

VeggieGirl said...

Ha! That playground is totally kiddie heaven :-D

Aggie said...

Oh that place looks so much fun! And it looks like you had the place to yourself!

Kath said...


Tina said...

What a fun kid!!! Love these photos!

*Erica* said...

Those are the cutest pics ever! Looks like you guys had a ball! I know though, right, how can child's play be soooo exhausting when we could literally RUN all day long?!

HangryPants said...

Looks like yoi BOTH had a great time!