Tuesday, December 9, 2008

More of my Baby

Last night I did have a cup of tea and a Z Bar as a snack around 8 while watching a little TV. 


It has been a while since I had some overnight oats so I prepped some before going to bed last night.  I soaked 1/4 cup oats in 1/4 cup water – they were such a creamy addition to my mess this morning.  Also in my bowl was 1/2 cup cottage cheese, a banana, Cinnamon Puffins and a tablespoon each of Reduced sugar Strawberry Preserves and PB.  I loved it !!! 


Here are some more photos of my baby – only five more days until he is turns 4. 


My sissy, Rocco, Mackenzie, Me & D (he was such a healthy chubby little baby)


D loved his Johnny Jump-Up. He was our entertainment during dinner. 




You really do not know how much you can love someone until you have a child.  Now that I am his mommy I could not imagine my life without him. 

Have a great morning, see you this afternoon.


Erica said...

Loving these baby pics. Your hair was sooooo long! Have a nice Tuesday!

VeggieGirl said...

Love the Mess and beautiful baby photos!!

Happy Tuesday!!

Kath said...

Love all the photos Sammie!!

HangryPants said...

Aw that is really sweeet. He is such a cutie!

K said...

Aw I love the pictures of D! So cute!!

HeatherBakes said...

Oh my goodness- look at your hair!! You're such a cute mom :) Love the baby pics... AND the cinnamon puffins, of course.

Anonymous said...

what a happy baby!! He's so cute :D

Tina said...

CUTE pics!!!!!

Not Charlie (I swear it isn't me!) said...

Man, that kid must have a handsome father.

Jaime said...

once again-- your boy is just the cutest damn thing!!!!!! the stuffed pepper you made yesterday looked sooo good! what a clever idea!!