Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Let’s make Mommy mad

Tonight there was a little event at my house.  One of those times when Mommy just can’t believe what just happened.  First I’ll recap the food then I’ll tell you the story. 

At Whole Foods today I made a few purchases to add some new things to my diet. I chose this Hemp Protein powder from the selection that they had. I liked it’s nutritionals the most – in 4 tbsp there is 11 grams of protein. 


I also bought a new flavor Rice Dream beverage. A little of this added to my oats would be super yummy.  My plan in the morning is to use the hemp protein in place of the usual Greek yogurt and cook the oats with a little Rice Dream for some added flavor.  I am already looking forward to it. 


I really wanted to try the hemp so for a snack I mixed 1/2 a cup Greek yogurt with 2 tablespoons of the protein powder then tossed on 1/4 cup Cinnamon Puffins.  I was really surprised at how nutty the flavor of the hemp is.  I was afraid it would be awful and I would need to add something sweet to mask the flavor but it totally didn’t need anything at all.  I also had to try the Rice Dream, so I had 1/2 a cup of that too.  It is soooooo yummy. 


There was an apple consumed as well. 


I also bought Sunshine Burgers – thanks Veggie Girl.


For dinner I had one of the burgers with some zucchini and hummus. These are the best veggie burgers I have ever had and I had to eat mine cold (you will find out why in a sec).


I was feeling the need for more veg – probably due to the liquid veggies at lunch.  I cooked some broccoli and green beans – these were from the freezer.  I tossed on a little salsa for a different color – I was seeing too much green. 


Of course I needed my nut butter fix so I had a 1/2 tbsp of AB and a 1/2 tbsp of PB on Wasa crackers along with a little cranberry apple butter.


For dessert I turned to my beloved Chocolate Brownie Z Bar and a cup of Sugar Cookie tea. 


Let me tell you what went down tonight.  I always make D’s dinner first because it is just easier that way.  He usually eats while I make my dinner which sometimes is not a good idea because I end up burning mine.  So tonight he finished his dinner & dessert before my dinner was done cooking (that would be the burger).  He asked me if he could watch TV and I told him no which he did not like at all.  I felt like he could just play with his toys – I mean the kid has lots to choose from.  He then proceeded to go into the bathroom, I assumed to do his business, so I didn’t bother going in with him.  My burger finally was done so I took it out of the toaster oven and started snapping my photos. D then calls for me because he peed on the toilet.  I went in there and he is standing in front of the toilet with his pants down (he usually sits to go to the bathroom).  There wasn’t just pee on the toilet but all over him and the floor.  He said “oops, looks like you have to clean the toilet and do I need to be cleaned too?”  He admitted to doing this because he was mad at me for not letting him watch TV.  I was of course very mad but was able to resist blowing up – I will be honest – I did yell but my head is still on my body so that is a good thing.  Needless to say I ate my cold dinner after I cleaned my bathroom and child.  The fun never ends.

My honey had to run to CVS so I asked him to get me some kind of fruit – apple, pear, something citrus while he was out. I am feeling kind of fruity at the moment even though I already had what I was considering “dessert”.  I will call the fruit a snack that is much needed so that I am not going to bed hungry. 

I am up early tomorrow – it is a work day.  See you after my shift.  Have a great night.


VeggieGirl said...

My beloved Living Harvest hemp protein powder has 13 grams of protein per serving and is better-tasting - just sayin' ;-)

Hooray for the Sunshine burgers!! My favorite is the Garden Herb variety.

Aww, haha - hang in there with little D!! :-)


Sammie said...

Veggie Girl,
I should have asked you first - I will try that brand next time.
I saw the Garden Herb burger - I will definitely give that variety a try too.

Anonymous said...

Aw..i'm sorry about the little mishap! Good to know the burg is still good cold :D

Erica said...

uh oh...sounds like you handled the situation really well! I would have totally lost it! Glad you had good eats despite the fact that they were cold!

Jaime said...

oh no!!!!!! i'm sorry this happened to you tonight! i think it's one of those stories that will be very funny a year from now!-- you handled it well! :) great eats as usual!! :) you are so inspirational-- a woman who has a child, takes care of her family and still takes AMAZING care of her health!!! i really admire that!!!

Heather McD (Heather Eats Almond Butter) said...

Sorry about the cold dinner. I need to eat my HUGE box of Morningstar burgers from Costco so that I can try those Sunshines!

K said...

Oh no!! Sorry to hear about the problem last night :(

That rice dream sounds great!

Charlie said...

It was just the piddle of love.

Meghann said...

I love the VeggieGirl Video food cameos. :)

Poor little D. Atleast your head is still attached, that's a plus.

HeatherBakes said...

Oh no! Well, at least it's one of those stories that you can embarrass him with when he's a little older. And it sounds like you handled it well!

*Erica* said...

LOL...! A story that a mother of boys would appreciate! Aren't they onery?! Ugh, and unfortunately it doesn't get any better as they get older, sorry to say. But the fact that your "head is still on your body" is a sure sign that you handled it well. Way to go, mama!

polly said...

hi Sammie! Love that D story, what a little burger. ;) We love our kiddos anyway, but being a momma can be challenging for sure, girl! :)

Can you please change my blog name to yoga is yummy, and the address please? I smooshed all my blogs into one to keep things simple. I love that word. ;)



RhodeyGirl/Sabrina said...

aw man that really stinks, and is reallllly funny too. it is amazing how smart D is already, he even knows how to make mommy mad haha