Tuesday, December 2, 2008

I feel like a Slug

This morning I used the Neti Pot and my nose is so stuffed up that one side would not drain – YUCK!!!!  The salty solution just dripped through my mouth – it was disgusting.  I will give it another shot later on. 

I feel like I am being a bad mommy – D just watched a movie and I don’t know what we can do this afternoon because I really need to sit and veg out, which I HATE!  I could never have a desk job.  I did once and I hated it.  And I forced him to eat corn for lunch – I am a meany.  He made a stink at first but after a bite he actually admitted that he liked it.  I only gave him a few tablespoons so it wasn’t like he had a ton of it to choke down if he thought it was gross.  I just want his body to stay healthy and seeing all the sickies at the gym made me freak out a bit.  Not that I think corn has medicinal properties – it made me feel better to see him eat a veg – I know I am weird. 

For lunch today I made another warm and toasty sandwich.  This one was a broccoli, cheese and turkey on Sprouted wheat bread.  It was so good and the bread was nice and crispy. 


I also had one of my Brownie muffins which I took out of the freezer and microwaves for 15 seconds.  This little beauty had a tablespoon of PB as “frosting”. 


For a snack this afternoon – which I had earlier than usual (2:30) – was 1/2 cup Greek yogurt, 1/2 cup butternut squash, 3/4 cup Kashi Heart 2 Heart and a drizzle of cranberry apple butter.


I have been drinking so much tea today – I am on my third cup.  I drink it black so at least I am not drinking a cup of sugar.  The Sugar Cookie tea is out of this world – thank goodness it is decaf because I am kind of addicted to it. 

I really don’t even want to think about making dinner – see a mommy can’t be sick – too much to do.  I haven’t done anything around the house today – that is a sure sign I feel like poo.  I am never sitting and I am always taking care of my house.  Well that’s all for now – sorry for being such a downer. See you tonight. 


K said...

Still sending good vibes your way! You're not a bad mom at all - you've gotta take care of yourself too :)

Anonymous said...

what a meanie...making your child eat healthy foods!! haha :D totally JK that is def on the "good mommy" list- i hope u feel better and at least you are still nourishing yourself with such healthy food, that has to be helping!

*Erica* said...

I hope your cold goes away soon, Sammie! I had never thought of using a Neti Pot...course I'd need to get one before I could use it. Ha! My nose is runny, too...has been for like a week so I know how you feel. :-( Anyway sounds like you need to rest rest rest...you are SO not a meanie!

ashley (sweet and natural) said...

Feel better! Broccoli on a sandwich - interesting!

Anonymous said...

Hope you feel better soon!

VeggieGirl said...

Neti pots work wonders.

Hang in there, Sammie!! Ahh, I wish I could help :-(

On another note, I purchased the PB Puffins today at Whole Foods - I will be trying them tomorrow.

Erica said...

oh gosh :( I hope you feel better! Sounds like daddy should be in chrage of dinner tonight

magpie said...

Hope you're feeling better soon :)

I'm always making Bobby eat more veggies. He probably eats a lot more than the average person b/c of me, but I think it's good! Hopefully D won't get sick!

I totally hear you on the desk job thing - I've always had them and even if I like the work I just get so depressed sitting there all day.