Monday, November 3, 2008

Wonderful Indeed

It is so nice to have squeaky clean teeth. Of course I came home and soiled them ASAP because I was starving. I made a quickie lunch out of a Dr. Praeger's Veggie burger on whole wheat bread.

And a mess of 3/4 cup Greek Yogurt, 1 cup Kashi GoLean, a tablespoon each of cranberry apple butter and White Chocolate Wonderful PB. The name of this PB is not a lie - this stuff rocks!

Charlie left for a minute to get my truck inspected but when he gets back we have the rest of the day to hang out. We don't have anything planned as of right now but at least we all get an extra day together.
Have a great afternoon.


VeggieGirl said...

I love that feeling after going to the dentist - but then it goes away after eating, haha ;-)

Enjoy your time with Charlie today!!

Lida said...

where are you getting all these seasonal clif bars? i didn't see any at whole foods.

Sammie said...

I only bought one seasonal flavor - I found it at Stop & Shop. The other 2 bars I bought were Z Bars which are just regular flavors.