Saturday, November 22, 2008

What to Do?

Good evening my blog buddies – I hope your Saturday has been enjoyable. My day has been quite good but my early awakening has started to catch up with me.

My little man is all tucked in and off to dreamland and my huz went to a movie with a friend so that means I have the night to myself. What should I do?

Let me racap the food choices for the afternoon/evening.

My afternoon snack was 1/2 a cup plain greek yogurt, a Apple Cinnamon Z Bar and a warm cup of decaf tea.


Around 4 o’clock I was starving so I ate an apple in order to give me some time to think about what to do for dinner.


Dinner was quick and simple – a stuffed acorn squash. My favorite stuffing is 1/2 cup cottage cheese and cinnamon.


I also consumed 2 Ryvita crackers (I toasted them first) then spread 1/2 a tablespoon Vanilla Almond butter on one and White Chocolate Wonderful PB on the other. A piece of Chocolate Pumpkin bread joined me for dinner too.


If you were wondering about the Lemon Pound Cake, it is a hit. My honey really enjoyed a little snack of it this afternoon. I will not be testing this out for myself – not really my thing. I really like how you can see the lemon glaze dripping down the side of the cake – really makes it look decadent.


So I am thinking that it is a Chocolate Brownie Z Bar night, accompanied by a cup of warm and comfy tea. I will probably pop in a movie and snuggle under my heated blanket for a nice relaxing evening alone.

See you in the AM.


Erica said...

Yes! I am totally laying under a blanket now relaxing and it is fabulous! That lemon bread looks seriously incredible! Enjoy your free time ;)

VeggieGirl said...

Great day!!

That Lemon Pound Cake looks PHENOMENAL - no doubt it's a hit!! :-)

Have a relaxing night!!

Anonymous said...

isn't acorn squash just the best?!

HangryPants said...

Sounds like a wonderful evening at home! Enjoy the choc. chip z-bar. :D