Saturday, November 22, 2008

Should I Brave the Cold

I am up super early - I had a hard time sleeping. One of our hermit crabs was acting weird last night and I am worried about him/her - not sure what it is. It is the little one D calls Stripy. I am downstairs and afraid to look in the tank - I will probably wait for Charlie. I have a very soft spot for all creatures and I could not help but shed some tears last night while watching him. We are not sure if he is molting - I really hope that is the case.
I am going to try and brave the cold this morning - it is about 18 degrees out there. Thank goodness I have acquired quite the collecting of warm running attire. I woke up super hungry so I had to make myself a mini mess - I will leave in an hour so this should not sit too heavy in my tummy. In my bowl I mixed 1/2 cup greek yogurt, 1 cups Puffins (a combo of Cinnamon and Original - yes, I was able to avoid the PB), a drizzle of cranberry apple butter and a tablespoon of sunflower seed butter.

If it is just too darn cold out there, then I will resort to my WaterRower for my AM workout. I'm off to evaluate this situation - see you all later on, after I have thawed out.


MizFit said...

I know you werent asking me (*looks around*) as Im a wimp and about to hit the stationary bike...INSIDE.
with the tv :)

seeleelive (for the love of peanut butter) said...

You go girl, you got this! :-D So 90's, I know.

I had hermit crabs growing up..they were so special to me! Lili was its name. I can totally relate to you when you talk about that soft spot. My prayers are with you, your family, and Stripy.

Anonymous said...

You're so brave to run in the cold early on a Saturday morning! So motivated!

Love your puffin party from last night! I'm addicted to the PB puffins. I still need to try the regular ones...maybe if I combine them together my PB box will last a little longer...haha!

Erica said...

18 degrees? whoa thats cold! Hope the hermit is ok!

hk said...

You got it sammy! I just foinished my run around BC and the rezervoir! Chillly for sure, but felt great :) stay warm!!

VeggieGirl said...

Wowza - I'd stay inside in this weather, haha!! Be careful out there, Sammie!! :-)

MESS!!!! Holy yum.

Have fun today!!

Anonymous said...

Poor little crabby, Have a good workout whatever u choose!

magpie said...

Hope the hermit crab is okay :)