Saturday, November 15, 2008

Productive Day

I was quite a busy mommy today. Once D & I got back from karate the fun began. I did laundry, dishes, vacuumed, cleaned Sir Milton's cage (the hamster), cleaned the bathroom, scrubbed the kitchen sink and made homemade marinara sauce with massive homemade meatballs for my honey.
Of course I fed myself during all these activities. Here they all are in the order in which I consumed.
This apple was an AM snack.

Lunch was an open face whole wheat mini pita with hummus, roasted turkey and lite swiss cheese.

A roasted delicata squash - first time for this - it was delicious. I ate the whole thing - it was quite a petite veggie, maybe the size of my hand.

I finished lunch with some crunch - 1/2 an ounce of roasted/unsalted almonds and 3/4 cup Kashi Heart 2 Heart and a wedge of chocolate (the variety I mentioned last night).

My afternoon snack: 1/2 cup greek yogurt and a Z Bar - I love Chocolate Brownie.

For dinner my guys had pasta with my homemade sauce. Charlie ate meatballs but D had no interest in them - that is my son alright. I of course I made myself something that did not contain beef. I cooked up an organic apple chicken sausage which I ate with a Whole Wheat Arnold's Sandwich Thin. On one half I spread a tablespoon of Butter Toffee PB and cranberry apple butter.
I also had a bowl of veg - green beans and broccoli. I keep a stash in the freezer for a quick go to option. I thawed them in the microwave for a few minutes - quick & easy.

I am just about to go watch a movie - not sure which one yet. I am planning on making a little something for a treat - how does 1/2 a cup greek yogurt, a Chocolate VitaTop and a drizzle of my homemade chocolate sauce sound? It sounds pretty darn good to me. I am off to indulge in my healthy dessert.
Have a great night.


VeggieGirl said...

Very productive, indeed!! And delicious :-)

Enjoy your evening!!

Aggie said...

Sounds like a great day! I just found your blog recently and love it! Can totally relate to the blog being "yours"...I'm a stay at home mommy too and don't have much of my own either! (now I have a blog though! : ) )

I keep seeing Butter Toffee PB in your posts...where do you buy that? It sounds delish!

ConsiderEatz! said...

Your dinner looks like a bog ol' smiley face :)
Yum yum, I just got a package from Naturally nutty this week- delicious!

aggie-see here!

Sammie said...

The PB is from Naturally Nutty - I think the only way to get it is to order it on-line. I was lucky enough to receive a few samples to test. Check it out, it is awesome -

Aggie said...

Oh! Thanks for the link ladies!!